Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas is Fishy Business

I'm totally wearing pants here... although it doesn't look like it!  C'mon!  It's in the high 20s and humid as all eff!  Would you forgive me for getting around with my furburger out? 
Nah... She wears short shorts!

The last couple of years Micko and I vowed to not buy each other Christmas presents...  We were paying the mortgage and rent on top and thought we'd rather spend the money on other things.  As it turned out, we did end up buying presents... but didn't go all out and spend up big - we were fairly conservative.

This year we made the same pact.  However, somehow I've ended up with a big yellow kayak (not that I'm complaining... it's fucking saweeet) and Micko now has one too.  Then... last night, Micko comes home and announces, 'Karls, there's a Christmas present in the back of the ute for you.'  I drop everything and run out the front.

Hanging out the back is this MASSIVE fish!  I've always wanted to have one of those crazy fish hanging on my wall (like from some kind of weird eclectic restaurant - like Merlottes in True Blood) and Micko bloody found one!  It's been sitting in a mates garage for months waiting for him to pick it up.

Each and every holiday season (and for a good stretch of Jan) my work seriously dies in the arse.  Often I spend this time swimming and lying in my hammock with a good book - tough life I know, although it drives me crazy!  I'm not a relaxing type person... I like to be go, go, go.  So, if work is slow when I get back from Melbourne I'll have this massive wall fish to repair and work on.  Along with the mosaic I want to do on the table in the pergola thingy.  Niiiiiice!

My husband is totally rad!  Now I'm just fucked... He said not to get him anything (he got the Kayak as a gift from me) but I feel like I definitely should!  Thoughts?


jprp said...

karls, your so effing rad, i cant wait to see your house one day!

bananas. said...

HOLY CRAP!!! i love it! i want one sooooooo bad! do you know how effin cool those are. oh micko is the MAN!

that and the fact that you live in banana land makes me very jealous.

Anonymous said...

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