Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bob Blog III

Blogging, eh? What a novel idea! Figured I type enough crap on facebook, what the heck, start a blog! I can tell you now... this will not be an exciting or thrilling read but you might get a laugh or two at my expense every now and then.

Where to start??? How about right now! I've come downstairs and outside to my office to do some 'work' and right at this second I'm procrastinating a little, waiting for a couple more scripts to come through before I jump in the booth.

I guess this presents the question - what is it I do?

Well, I'm a voice over artist.

What the fuck is that? - I hear you ask.

In a nutshell (help I'm in a nutshell) scripts are emailed to me and I jump in a sound proof booth with a lovely Rode microphone that's hooked up to my computer and I read and record the scripts, edit them and then, through the wonders of the internet, I send them back to whoever needs the recordings.

What kind of a job is that?

A fucking great one! The best in fact! The kind of job that I absolutely love doing! Most people know that I'm quite an accomplished talker! Practice makes perfect... and hell, I've had a lot of practice (mostly to the annoyance of those around me - especially after the first couple of beers). There a certain element of creativity to it and it's very flexible! Means I can head down to the gym to work off my spare tyres and chins at least once a day... I can also take a drive up to Coffs and do a spot of shopping whenever I want. If I've got mates staying with me, I can work my work around whatever is we are doing - beach, lunch whatever! Awesome!

Having said that... It's also a job that requires determination, persistence and dedication. You have to grow a tough skin and keep knock, knock, knocking on doors until they open. Luckily, I love a challenge... plus my Dad is a workaholic so I was passed on some of the necessary skills through the gene pool.

How did you get into that?

Well... It all started with a job in radio. But that will have to wait for a future blog as it was one of the best and worst times of my life!

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