Saturday, January 30, 2010

Celebrity (by association) Chef

Tamasin Day Lewis... sister of Daniel Day Lewis. 

She has a cooking show that has just started airing here... drives me fucking insane!  One of those people you can't stand to watch, but you just can't look away - like a car crash.

Here is a quick snipet...  and make sure you stick with it until she actually starts cooking.

Okay.. so a couple of things!

Woman!  Spend $30 and get yourself a fucking bra!

Tie your fucking hideous mane back!  You're cooking!  Isn't it like cooking 101 that you tie your hair back or wear a net.  Oh and how about a friggin haircut while you're at it!  You could use a total makeover! 

Woah!  Overboard on the exclamation marks or what?  Where has all this anger come from?  

Now you know how much this woman annoys me.  For the record, she also eats waaaay too loudly, the shots are uncomfortably long and she's as ugly as a hat full of arseholes.

One thing I'm dying to know... with a head like that how the fuck did you get a gig on TV?  Is it just because you have a famous brother? 

Perhaps I should get a life... or just ease up a bit.  You know, pull in the agro reigns.  Seems my energy could be better spent... maybe by contacting her agent!

PS.  Sat morning, after 10 beers last night, I still managed to drag my arse out the door and made it to kickboxing... The anger is slowly melting awaay!  I'm back on the wagon (not that I fell off, but I'd lightened up a little... won't do that again.  I've worked waaaay to hard for this (very unperfect) rig of mine.)  I'm back baby!  Look out!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hot stuff?

I feel soooooo disgusting!

A couple of factors come in to play...

Firstly, it's so ridiculously humid here at the moment!  Every day is in the low 30s and humidity is at around the 70-75% mark.  Basically, when I have a shower, I come out, dry myself and need another one!  I'm like a walking, talking bag of grease... and that greasy, not so fresh feeling, makes me feel fat and gross!

Secondly, I've been soooo inundated with work - load lightened somewhat thanks to my wonderful editor (but we were truly SMASHED with work this week) - that I've not gone to the gym.  I've still been walking on the beach every day but it's just not the same.  I need to sweat it out... I need to feel like I've actually worked - and worked hard. Like my muscles are so toight you could bounce a coin of them (sorry, I channelled Fat Bastard from Austin Powers there for a moment).  Instead, I feel like all my muscles have melted away and converted into fat rolls.  It certainly could be the case - I am a human balloon!

Anyways... enough procrastinating!  I could sit on my rapidly expanding arsehole whinging about how hideous I feel.  Or I could go chuck on my runners and go to the friggin gym.

Layda bitches!

Oh and eh!  'aveagoodweekend'!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I come from the land downunder

Australia Day...  sometimes known as Invasion Day.  It's a celebration of the arrival of the First Fleet into Sydney cove 222 years ago.  The day Australia changed forever.

For me, it's a mixed bag of emotion.  I love this country with all of my heart.  I love the contrasts... the dense rainforest, the pristine beaches, the vast expanses of red dirt.  It's such a magical place.
I love the lifestyle, our laid back attitude and our love of the outdoors.  Barbies in the backyard over summer... floating around in the river or ocean... Mateship... Footy... Cricket... Vegemite... There is so much to love here and for the most part I'm an insanely proud Aussie.

The part I'm no so insanely proud?  It's history... forever marred by our treatment of those who called this land home for the 40,000 years before us 'white folk' settled here.   That, and the wankers who quickly forget that this country has been founded on immigration.  The cockheads who proudly display 'Go Home' stickers on the back of their utes.  The fuck wits who think they have more right to this place than anyone else because of their pale skin and small minded attitudes.  This is the part that causes me to be torn.

Now don't get me wrong... Australians aren't all racist freaks!  Just some... and after watching Dr Phil today, I've realised it's not just an Australian issue.  Seems the world is full of them.  That made me feel a little better.

Enough politics... now to the fun stuff!  The Q&A!

Coffee - We DEFINITELY have coffee!  Aussies drink (on average) 288 cups per year... so not only do we have coffee here, we fucking love the stuff!  We even have Starbucks (although I think they closed most of their shops here earlier in the year).

Doona -  I'm not sure what you'd call it.  I've heard the words 'duvet' thrown around a bit.  It's a casing for a quilt - like a duck down thing - although usually it just has fake foamy shit in it.  We don't do sheets and blankets so much here.  Mainly cause we are lazy fuckers.

Kangaroo - probably unlikely to kill you.  They fuck off before you get close enough.  There are twice as many 'roo's as people and they can be a real pain in the arse for farmers.  Hence, the introduction of roo to the diet.  It was reserved for dog food, but now it's practically gourmet.  As for the taste?  It's super lean, melts in your mouth (if not over cooked - must be med rare or rare) and the taste... well, there is nothing I could really liken it too.  Kind of smokey meat... consistency of a good steak.  Fucking delicious!!

Vegemite (also known as Vaginamite) - I guess it's kind of like nuclear waste that you spread on toast.  It's very tangy and you want to go super light on the spread.  If you'd like to try some, let me know.  I've got some single serve packs I can send out to you.  That is, if it can get through the postal service.  I think I remember something about Vegemite not making it into the states - I guess they think the Nuclear waste taste could quite well be actually Nuclear waste.

A Prawn - I think you guys call it a shrimp.  Sometimes we call ugly bitches with good bodies prawns.  You know?  Good body, fugly head.

Mate - Well... what can I say.  Aussie's aren't much for fluff and pomper.  We don't call people by their titles... everyone is on a first name basis.  In fact, that's not quite true, most of us are on nickname basis.  For example:  My name?  Well, it's Karly.  I hardly EVER get called that!  I get Karls, Karlsy or Nimms (an abb. of my last name).  Micko?  Well, he is Michael... so it's automatically Mick - the 'o' is just something we add.  John - usually Jono or Jack.  Gynaecologist... well it's a gyno.

While I'm on the topic of language... mostly we speak in questions... not literally questions but we generally finish every sentence in an upward inflection - like a question.

And finally... Cheese?  Well it's a light yellow or creamy colour... but not orange... DEFINITELY not orange!

Congrats on making it to the end of the longest. post. ever!  It's unAustralian to have worked so hard on one job.  Time to go have a coffee and some vaginamite on toast.

Hooroo!  See ya round like a rissole, bitches!

Post Script:  I can't believe I almost missed the most important part of Australia Day (although this year was the first year I didn't really get into it - music seems to have been really lame this past year)... The Triple J Hottest 100.  An Australian institution!  The biggest music poll in the world is counted down every Australia day (or so JJJ claim - although they have no reason to lie... last year there were 1.1 million votes).  Usually involves beer, beer, beer, radio cranked, some form of pool.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy 'Straya Day for yesterday Sheila's!

I had grand delusions of a witty and hilarious Aussie Day post... unfortuately, I wasn't feeling it yesterday... at. all!
Let me talk you through my loooong weekend.
Saturday.. as you know, went Quad biking. Fucking AWESOME!
Sunday, we drove to South West Rock (a little south of here) and spent the day snorkelling.
Monday, we went up into the hinterland to Dorrigo and the Promised Land. This was when I lost my mojo.... and my cool. I was very short fused and snapped at Micko a few times - for no reason whatsoever. I was angry at drivers, pedestrians, shop keepers, the waterfalls, my shoes, my handbag, Micko's parking, my breakfast... in short, I was angry at everything. I had no idea why.

We got to Dangar Falls after a really shitty breakfast which nearly made me cry. The bacon was not cooked to my liking and the plate was very deep. The poached eggs were soaking wet and therefore all the food was kind of swimming around on the plate. I dragged myself out of the car and reluctantly walked to the look out... Then went to the toilet. Ahhhhh! So THAT'S why I was sooo moody!   I'm on the blob (now do you know what it means?
Anyways... Here is my weekend in photos. I will be posting on Australia, just not today... today, I feel like eating a bag of white choc raspberry bullets and a 4 litre container of mango icecream.

In and around the Novotel on the north side of Coffs...  The beach shots with the Island in the back ground are at Sapphire (I think).  Nice quiet beach... big white mansions lead up to it. 

South West Rocks... We snorkelled around the rocks.

Me and Micko with a Mango Sorbet!  Was quite a warm day... actually, every day is a stinker at the moment.  Humid as all fuck!

On the way up to Dorrigo.  Today is when I got my funk on... and couldn't let it go.

Even another beautiful waterfall on the side of the road couldn't make it pass.

Mosaic Masterpiece.... One day, I might give something this adventurous a crack!

From the tree top walk at Dorrigo.  Soooo beautiful!  On a clear day you can see the coast.  Started to breath a little here.  There's not a lot you can feel shitty about when you're on top of the world, right?

Dangar Falls.

To make the day even better (yes, I'm being sarcastic)... Micko got bitten by a bloody big bull ant.

The Promised Land circuit.  So peaceful... until a bunch of dickheads on their dirt bikes tore past.  See!  I really was in a hideous mood!

Spectacular, refreshing and calm... exactly what I needed!

Next time we are taking inflatable mattresses, deck chairs and esky and Billy.  Niiiice!
It's like mini rapids!

I think I've nearly pulled myself out of the bullshit that is PMSing by looking at these photo's.  The best part is everything here is within an hours drive.  And this is why we call it the 'lucky country'... probably not really, but it damn well should be!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Getting down and dirty...

Micko's surprise? 

Quad biking through the bush!


We had to leave our place at 7am (I'm soooo not a morning person - another reason we have gone down the tack of kids... I. NEED. SLEEP!).  We drove for about an hour and a half, through the hinterland behind Coffs Harbour (where Russell Crowe'slive - Glenreagh) and came to this petrol station, hang a right and I notice a sign that says 'QUADMANIA'. 

'Micko?  Are we going Quadbiking?  Are we going Quadbiking? Are we going Quadbiking?'

'Yes, Karls.  We are going Quadbiking.'


There were 2 Quads, I immediately pick out the one called 'Bilbo' (can you believe they named a Quad after my dog?) .  I can't explain how much fun we had!  Although we were both a little more conservative than if it were 5 years ago.  The tour guide, Leonie, kept refering to it as 'self preservation'.  It was a little strange for me.  I'm quite used to doing these things on water - I love to jetski, parasail, kayak, white water raft,waterski, dive, snorkel... but I'm not so used to doing them on land.  Something weird about falling off on solid ground rather than the ocean or river.

So here is our early morning Saturday surprise outing... in pictures!

Felt like we were tearing through the bush... in reality, we were probably worse than Sunday drivers through the ranges! 

Forcing my way through the super stinky mud (which coated me - hence the high fashion outfit)

A woman in control... know that!

Yeehaw!  What goes up...

Micko taking on the speed bump.

Air bitches!  Yeeeeewwwwwwww!
'Karls, you are so hardcore and my hero'... Say it! 
Say it like you mean it!

Thumbs up!
And speaking of thumbs....

The injury!
Every good adventure, ends with a little bit of pain.
I suffer from what they call 'death grip'.  I always have... My left hand is accustomed to these nasty blisters.  Whether riding my bike, waterskiiing, jetskiing, or even just driving my car... for some reason my left hand like to hold on for dear life.  Squeezing the fuck out of anything within its grasp.  Nasty!

Micko had organised another surprise... Jetskiing - just me, the jetski and the ocean.  I. LOVE. JETSKIING!  Unfort, the wind was too strong so we couldn't head out.  Instead, Micko drove me around and showed me all the cool beaches and spots he's discovered over the last few months.  I'll blog on those tomorrow... right now, the beach is screaming my name!

Micko is a GOD!  Know that!

Karls out!

Oh and don't forget... Australia Day is coming up.  Ask what you want to know and thou shalt receive.

Friday, January 22, 2010

My main man

Micko is a god... know that!


Let it be known that this man knows who to look after his woman!

He knows EVERYTHING about me... my kickarse point and my shithouse points.  My issues, my past and my third nipple... and he continues to love the socks off a me! 

It's really hot here at the moment (well it's always hot during summer) and for the past few months I've given the doona the flick and slept under a sheet.  We've had a massive high over us and the result is quite cool nights... but they don't get really cool until around 4 or 5am.  When Micko gets out of bed to walk the dog at 5, he gets his sheet and puts it over me as well.  He knows I might be getting cold and wants to make me warm as toast.  It's a little gesture, but something that makes him so friggin kick arse!

Huh?  Hold up woman!  What do you mean, he puts his sheet?  Don't you guys share bedding?  I think I hear some of your minds telepathically communicating with me. 

No, we don't... I'm the biggest doona hog around!  So, to let Micko have at least 20 minutes throughout the night where he actually is covered by something, we sleep under different bedding.  On the same bed though, of course!  It's a kick arse King sized... I once had 4 other girlfriends sleep in it with me.  Oh yeah!  It's big!

Another thing... He always puts a bottle of water in the fridge for me for my morning gym sesh.

He ALWAYS puts the toilet seat down.

and he knows how to have a good time!

So, this weekend Micko has some surprises in stall for me.  No idea what they are yet... but I'm Big Kev EXCITED!

It's Australia Day on Tuesday so Micko is taking Monday off for a looong weekend.  I'll still have to do a bit of work, but I'm not bothered.  I'll def keep you in da loop!

I've tried asking him 1,000,000 questions to get a clue... but this is all I know so far.  I need a change of clothes and a pair of old joggers.  Hmmmmmm?

Besides the surprises, we have a big active weekend planned.  We'll be kayaking fo shiz!  We're going to this place called Promised Land which is full of waterfalls and rock pools - wooooot!  And I imagine we'll be beaching it up.  Weather is shit hot here!

Oh and if you've thought of any more questions... email or comment them.  I'm going to blog an Australia post on Australia Day - wow!  So patriarchal of me!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chalk and Cheese

**** A word of warning...
if you are easily offended, tune out now!****
** I'm totally throwing out there all the stereotypes of Americans I know**
*You guys know I love you, right?*

Since joining this blog I've never had so much contact with Americans in my entire life.  Although we both speak English, have similar television programming (a massive portion of what we watch here is American) and similar lifestyles... there is soooo much that makes us different.

Firstly... Americans are fat?  Well... from the fine bitches I've come across in blogland, there ain't a lick of truth to it.

But if it is in fact true... I imagine it comes down to some of the following...

This stuff, you call cheese?

This shot was taken by a mate of mine 'Cupcake' while she was in Vegas, baby.  She calls it the awesome Vegas Sanga... I call it heart attack between 2 slices of bread (at least the lettuce looks nice and I'll give it props if it is on multigrain - can't really be sure)

It looks more like a couple of slices of paw paw, sitting on top of half a pig!
Ummmm... Hey dudes!  That is not cheese!  That's not even 51% cheese - amazing what you can find out via google.  Milk is not orange, therefore cheese should not be orange.

And while we are on the food bandwagon... sweets are sweets and should not be consumed before noon - unless you're on the blob - then a packet of jumbo TV Mix is more than fine.  Waffles with maple syrup for breakfast?  I'll never understand!  Toast with honey, yoghurt or banana smoothie is about as sweet as it should get.

Now, I'm probably spouting off every stereotype of an American diet as I possibly can... feel free to correct me.   Also feel free to make some kangaroo or 'throw another shrimp on the barbie' cracks.  (Kangaroo, incidentally, is a very lean red meat, is fantastic for the environment and devine on the palette - we eat it at least once a week - no bullshit... I should say 'we' is me and Micko not all Australians)

Back to my point though... hang on!  Was there one?

Oh yeah... I was outlining the subtle differences between cultures.

It might shock you to learn I've never had a peanut butter cup (is that what they are called - blogging was the first place I'd ever heard of this so called peanut butter cup) and I've never seen Jersey Shore.  The language thing, I usually get, cause I watch the TV...

One thing I do love... You're willingness to praise others.  As a vast generalisation, here in Australia, we tend to cut people down.  We don't like to praise others in case they 'get a big head'.  It's called Tall Poppy Syndrome and it's rife!

So now, I'm about to turn the tables...

I'm sure there are things that I've said that don't make a lick of sense to you... words I've used perhaps?  Statements I've made... things I've referred to?

So, today... Ask me anything about what confuses you... or anything you'd like to know about my life and/or Australia.
I'll answer everything as truthfully as I can.
Cause that's the way I roll!
What you see is totally what you get with me... I ain't got nothing to hide.

And you know what (almost the most famous Australians) ACDC said:
 'It's a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll'.

Feel free to comment away... or use the contact me link and drop me a line.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Monday night, I was watched 'Man Vs Wild' re-runs (as I do each and every week).  I'm so confused!?! Bear Grylls...
do I find the guy irresistable or repulsive?

If you're not familiar with Bear antics, I guess if I had to describe the guy in a nutshell, it would come down to the following recipe:

Part wanker + Part Hot Tottie + Part crazy mofo + Part Nasally sounding freak  = One Fucking Psycho Dude who I wanna get down and dirty with, but at the same time the thought makes me sick a little in my mouth.

After all, the guy has squeezed water out of a nasty big turd to drink it. 

 Under normal circumstances would I consider a man hot after eating shit?  Could I even think about our lips meeting?  I. don't. think. so!

Other fine moments that makes me reconsider whether or not I'd let him near my panties...

He pisses on his t-shirt then wraps it around his own head and over his mouth - not just the one time either!
He drank turtle blood -  I am a turtle lover from waaaay back.
Have I mentioned he squeezed water out of a piece of shit and drank it?

Things that make him hot to trot...

He's hardcore and a survivor of the highest order.
He's fit as fuck.
He has a great sense of humor.
He's a bit of a spunk.

See the dilemma?

Bear Grylls

Hot or Not?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Squeeze my Box

Last week, Micko told me he wanted a 'Squeezebox'. 

I thought, 'Huh?  Don't you mean you want to squeeze my box?' 
But no, he definitely meant a Squeezebox. 

Now, I'm not sure if I'm waaaay behind the 8-ball. 

Could be because I'm downunder and sometimes we can be a little behind the rest of the world when it comes to say... movie releases, TV shows, technology, fashion...etc, etc, etc.
But, this Squeezebox thing... well, it's like it arrived in the Delorean from the year 2010 (well, at least like June 2010).

And... it's the effin BOMB! 

So, I'm probably all telling you something you've known since 2008 and you're probably thinking, 'My God!  This girl is totally clueless!  It's like she's in a time warp... that is sooooo 2008!'....
but to be safe, I thought I'd let you know that for around $150 this little box of joy plays your ipod, your itunes collection (magically from inside your PC or Mac) and any radio station in. the. world (that streams anyway). 

Friggin awesome, eh?

I'm totally thinking of buying a second one to use as an alarm clock... not that I really need one - my sphincter acts as a kind of body clock.  Most mornings I awake to hearing it scream 'Bitch. Dunny! NOW!'  Micko, on the other hand (with his crazy 5am walk the dog action) could totally use one!

So now... all I wanna know is... What is your favourite radio station and where is it?  I need somewhere to start!

Oh and I'll TOTALLY be listening in to the delightful Mr KLaw!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Da week/end recap

I had a fab week-end - as in the end of the week... although it spilt over into the weekend.  My cousin Genna and her mate Eliza came to stay.  Typically, the second they knocked on the door, I was slammed with work.  Thankfully, the girls were just stoked to be somewhere with electricity (they'd been camping all the way up)  They were also happy enough to watch a bit of telly, have a hot shower and check their emails. 

We spent some time down the beach, I took the girls to my gym (they thought I was hardcore cause it's soooo fucking hot in there), had lunch at The Pub with No Beer and went to Bellingen markets during the days... The night were spent sinking piss and chatting.  Friday night was fairly big!  Went down the V-Wall Tavern (first time I'd been there at night), got pretty smashed and paid for it Saturday morning while walking around the markets.  It was swelteringly hot and humid and the hangover was killing each and every one of us.  Rather than enjoy it... I just wanted to get the fuck out of there and sit in my air con'd car.  Shame really.

The girls headed off after the market fiasco and we picked up a couple of movies, went home and lazed on the couch all arvo (I slept mainly - man, I need to harden the fuck up!).  

I managed to sit through Four Holidays

(with Reece Witherspoon and the eternally monotone Vince Vaughn) - good light hearted thing that's totally predictable. 

I fell asleep during 'Terminator - Salvation'... Shame really!  Sam Worthington... Rawr!  Micko said it was pretty good.

Then made it through 'Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen'

Okay... so I actually wanted to see this because I love Isabel Lucas - why?  Well that warrants another blog, so we'll just leave it at that... for now. 

Now, I'd like to take a moment to make one thing very clear... Yes, Megan Fox, is hot!  I fucking get it!  What I don't get is how the girl ended up acting?  Cause she fucking sucks at that!   Pretty much the only reason she seems to have this role, is due to her arse-etts (assets)...

It certainly can't be credited to her fine (cough cough) acting abilities!

Towards the end of the movie, Micko and I were soooo over it, we groaned everytime she came on the screen.  It seems Megan is so versatile these days, that she now has 3 moves down pact and they make the most of them in every. single. shot!

Firstly, the pout...

Secondly, the far away look...

Thirdly, the mouth slightly agape
- I'm waiting for you to blow your load on my chest look....

Shithouse... won't watch it again.  Great effects though!  If I didn't feel like I was watching a wannabe overpaid porn star I probably could sit through more than once.

Then Sunday... Went to see Avatar 3D.  Enjoyed it, although after 2 1/2 hours I felt like the bottom of my arse had gone from rounded to flat... it's just too long to sit in the same position, in the same super uncomfortable chair.  Enjoyed it and thought the effects were amazing. 

Sam Worthington is one fine piece of down to earth Aussie arse.  I also love some of the things he says... obviously without too much thought going on before the mouth opens...  Sometimes I think he is the boy version of me.  Here are a few of his finer moments:

"Hopefully I'm bringing more complexity to it than Jean-Claude Van Damme does. No offense to the dude."

"Oh, isn't it cool? It's so cool being an actor! It's so cool having my face on a bus. That's bullshit. I hate people like that."

"It was some shit, fucking bullshit, that. It was the most drunkest movie I've ever done in my life."

"But I don't ever feel that there's a pressure of a suit going, 'If this fucks up, it's because of you,' because I'll go, 'You hired me, dickhead!'"

"Aussie actors take fifteen hours to get to America — we ain't going to waste our fucking time and money. And that means we're not going to waste their time."

"That, to me, is what it's all about, man — you kick down the door and then you let all your mates in."

"I said to Christian [Bale] ... I'm waiting for my tirades to come out. Or me on the toilet. Either way, it's going to be on YouTube."

Read more:


Oh and P.S... I'm still shitting out pop corn kernels... Ewwww!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A welcome visitor...

We have my cousin and her best friend staying with me at the moment, so I'll be a little slack on the blog front over the next few days.  We'll be spending the days sightseeing, swimming and kayaking and the nights drinking... and drinking.  I'm sure I'll have some interesting tales to share come Monday!

Micko took Tuesday off work to put the roof on the pergola - the colorbond steel arrived Monday and you can't have it sitting around where it's moist (eww that word!) as it will likely start to rust.  Also, he wanted to get it done before Genna and Eliza arrived.
Here is the main man working hard on the roofing...

Took the poor bastard 11 hours!  He drank water like a motherfucker (although I'm not quite sure how much water a motherfucker drinks?  It's probably not a great deal more than your regular Joe)

Micko!  Micko!  He's our man... If he can't do it, no one can!
The finished product... with a glimpse of my Mosaic masterpiece!

Micko was rooo-ted!  Even though he drank a shitload of water, he started to cramp.  Working for 11 hours in the heat (fully clothed so he didn't get burnt) really took it out of him.  Where's the bloody Saltine when you need it? 

He hit the sack around 9pm and had a real prick of a sleep... constantly waking from his muscles cramping up.  Around 3am, I awoke startled... Micko said, really loudly, 'What was that? Did you hear that?'.  I hadn't heard anything but Micko's fucking booming voice waking me up!  'It was glass smashing... twice!'  I was like, 'Oh Faaaark!  I hope someone isn't breaking into my office, or smashed the window of Micko's car, or have smashed a downstairs window to come in and tie us up with rope to torture then rape us then dispose of our bodies in the rainforest before inhabiting our house and no one would know!  (mainly cause no one here knows us!)'.

Micko got up to investigate, while I lay prefusely sweating and shaking in bed.  Then he yells out.. 'Karls!  Come here!  Check this out!'... I'm thinking 'Fucking NO WAY!  What did he find... a young girl wandering around with a smashed stubby, trying to stubby anyone in the street?

I dragged my saggy tits out of bed and discovered Micko on the deck with the light on... We had a visitor on the deck...
A beautiful Diamond Carpet Python!
I grew up with snakes and lizards around... A friend of mine kept a carpet python as a pet and it was always around the house when we played.  We also had a few Turtles (not unusual)...
        Blue Tongues...                         

                                                                    & Bearded Dragons...

all as pets during my childhood.. so I'm no stranger to all things reptilian and I love them!  In fact, when we were toying around with idea of getting a pet, we'd considered another reptile but changed our mind and got Puppalicious Billby instead.

Now you've discovered another element that makes me a fucken weirdo!  Can't hide the truth for too long, right?  Besides the lizard thing was great for us... I have no fear of anything with scales - mainly because I understand how they work - and my brother is in the final stages of finishing his PHD (which centres around reptiles and bushfire).  My folks would try to develop any keen interests we had... and it worked! 

Catch ya'll later... when I'll have tales of the mayhem and madness Gen and Lize inflict!


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