Friday, January 1, 2010

The Naughties in a Nutshell

Yesterday I briefly mentioned what I'd been doing at the turn of the last decade... I was at a rave (yes, a rave) in Melbourne.  I was dressed in 3/4 cream cargo pants, an electric pink top with a couple of electric blue stripes down the arm and a pair of the chunkiest Vans you ever did see... A bunch of mates, 'late 90s' and myself took a few pills and danced across the talcum powdered floor non stop, while guzzling on water bottles, sucking on Chupa Chups and sweating our tits off (God!  I hope my Mum never reads this).. 

Last night, I had the quietest NYE I've ever had!  We were so buggered we decided not to go and party, but instead to sit in front of the tele watching the fireworks before hitting the sack at around 12.30.  Wrong in so many ways!

Today, I've woken (for probably the first NYE - usually I'm still awake from last night) without a hangover and I'm looking back at the decade that was...  although it's hard because my brain is so effed up all the partying I've done throughout the Noughties and the Nineties, all the years kind of blend into one another!

Here are a few high/low lights:

Work Wise - scored my first major photographic store gig... then became a Sales Rep for Ricoh.  Did a course in radio.  Moved north, worked in a radio station (copywriter/announcer).  Did a course in copywriting.   Went back to photographics and managed a couple of stores.  Started my own business doing Voice Overs.  Built it up to the point where I can live off.  Hired an editor, work with around 12 other artists.

Relationship saga's - Grew some balls and escaped the evil clutches of an abuseful relationship. Broke up with 'Late 90s'.  Dated 'Jimmy', cheated, broke up.  Lost a few male mates by 'crossing the line'.  Broke a few hearts and had mine broken (fucking karma).  Slept around a little (hmmmm).  Spent some quality 'me time'.  Met Micko, got married in 2006 and spent the last 3 years in relative marital bliss.

Home Sweet Home - Not sure if I was living with late 90s by this point in time... If so, I shared a couple of houses with him before packing up and moving back home.  Lived there for a while then my folks moved out and my bro and I shared the place.  Mum and Dad went to sell the house and I'd met Micko and decided to move north.  Briefly moved in with my Aunty and Uncle.  Packed up my shitbomb and shifted to Byron to live with Micko in a backyard bungalow.  Moved down the road when Mangina arrived to share a flat that the evilest landlord owned.  When Micko and I needed our own space we got a small tin can flat in Brunswick Heads.  Eventually getting a bigger place on the river in order to have our wedding there.  Decided we needed to go back down south.  Got a place overlooking the ocean at Ocean Grove while my parents tenants lease ran out.  Moved into the old holiday home in Barwon Heads.  Got jack of living in a state the weather is soooo extreme.  Bought our place in Nambucca in June 08, moved in March of 09 and am finally settled (for a while anyway).  NO MORE INTERSTATE MOVES!

So what will the next decade bring?  Hopefully more than just old age, more grey hair and wrinkles!  Well, if I've anything to do with it (oh and I do) it will be that and sooooo much more!


Anonymous said...

I adore your blog!! Thank you so much for your comment! It really is a tender compliment! You are right about Halle Berry hahah I love your sense of humor


HeatherLynn said...

goodness, your last ten sound about like my own! the moving, the growing...the grey hair and wrinkles! the thirties will grab hold and shake the sense right into ya! that's for sure...mostly they try and scare the daylights out of you while suddenly making since of a bunch of crap your parents called logic when you were growing up and they were trying to talk sense into you. :)

Happy New Year K!

Sharnanigans said...

How cool that you have your own voice over business. When I read your blogs now the little voice in my head that I imagine sounds like one of those husky women from tampon ads, is that what you sound like? haha... sounds like you have had an eventful decade with lots of moves and standard ups and downs! Great catching up with your posts! Happy NY -
ps - I was the same, very quiet, I used to have roaring ripping NYE , nowadays, I prefer bed!!!

Cougar Tales said...

I don't know about the next decade. I'm just looking for a Kick A** Year. Have a great 2010. Thanks for stopping by!


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