Friday, January 29, 2010

Hot stuff?

I feel soooooo disgusting!

A couple of factors come in to play...

Firstly, it's so ridiculously humid here at the moment!  Every day is in the low 30s and humidity is at around the 70-75% mark.  Basically, when I have a shower, I come out, dry myself and need another one!  I'm like a walking, talking bag of grease... and that greasy, not so fresh feeling, makes me feel fat and gross!

Secondly, I've been soooo inundated with work - load lightened somewhat thanks to my wonderful editor (but we were truly SMASHED with work this week) - that I've not gone to the gym.  I've still been walking on the beach every day but it's just not the same.  I need to sweat it out... I need to feel like I've actually worked - and worked hard. Like my muscles are so toight you could bounce a coin of them (sorry, I channelled Fat Bastard from Austin Powers there for a moment).  Instead, I feel like all my muscles have melted away and converted into fat rolls.  It certainly could be the case - I am a human balloon!

Anyways... enough procrastinating!  I could sit on my rapidly expanding arsehole whinging about how hideous I feel.  Or I could go chuck on my runners and go to the friggin gym.

Layda bitches!

Oh and eh!  'aveagoodweekend'!


jprp said...

dont forget the aeroguard! xx

The Boob Nazi said...

I feel so skinny all of a sudden.

Brown Girl said...

Yikes that picture would scare me into hitting the gym. But nah, I'm going to keep sitting on my ass instead.

Little Ms J said...

Wow. Can you imagine what her skin looks like between the rolls? Guh-ross.

Happy runnin', sister!

The Boob Nazi said...

Google neti pot and be horrifed! You fill it up with a saline solution and push the water up your nose! Seriously.

Masala Chica said...

Karls, I feel the same way. I was doing so good at sticking to a regimen and then work . . . well .. . work happened. yuck.


bananas. said...

GOO!!! that just made me feel 10x better about myself.

thanks karls. i can always count on you to do that for me.

hope you had a good day mate! xoxo.

WhisperingWriter said...

Dear gracious, that picture made me jump.

~KS said...

Holy shit... my friends and I just looked at that picture and we are now laughing our asses off... HA HA HA!!!

HeatherLynn said...

it's ten degrees here! it's cooooooold. I forget what sweating feels people still do that?

I went running the other day (outside) sweat...just tears at the cold wind ripped them from my eyeballs and froze them to my cheeks.

tell ya what, you send some of your warm, i'll send some of my artic cold...and we'll come out somewhere in the middle and happy. wanna?


Oh, and thanks for that picture...I was hungry for lunch, now I'm thinking about a starvation diet!

You have a good weekend too! anytime you start thinking about being greasy...think about us poor frozen Americans...freezing, with staticy that requires artificial hydration....chapped lips....frozen fingers and toes...and being too cold to drink margaritas!

you need two showers, we need hot showers just to thaw out! lol


Amy said...

So where do you think that chick found a bikini in her size??? Seriously, it must have been specially made.

Love the fat bastard reference;)

KLaw said...

That's HOT!

Have a good weekend love!

MODG said...

omg that is enough to get my ass to the gym asap


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