Friday, July 23, 2010

Birthday... Bitches

It's my 33rd birthday on Sunday... ARGH!  Where have the past 15 years gone? 

Good news is... my favourite bitch in the whole world is coming to see me to celebrate!  Now, this is no small feat!  She is coming just for the night... and it involved not one, but 2 flights... about a 4am wake up call too! 

In honour of her super radness... Please indulge yourselves in the following photo montage!

Me and my bitch at my old home 'Barwon Heads'... Miss that place.  I, as per usual, have to do something immature to ruin the shot - aka. picking a winner.

BDO '08.  Oh Big Day Out, my dear friend!  Where the hell did that kick arse visor and sunnies go?

The Hoff's engagement... we were ROTTEN!

Back in the day... perhaps New Years 01-02?  We went camping and ended up seeing in the New Year at the local Fire Station - after stumbling in and a good mate wowing the Firies with his mad breakdancing skills.  The Hoff got dressed up for the occassion.

My 22nd birthday!  11 year ago?  Surely not!  80s party... it was still the 90s (that's how forward thinking I am!)

Me riding The Hoff in the middle of Lygon St.  Unusual?  For most... yes.  For me?  No.

Ahhh Meredith Music Festival... How we love thee... shall we count the ways?  MMF 2000

Another Meredith escapade!  My mate used to own the pub... here we are after hours.  This is what happens when 2 young girls are left behind a bar with no supervision.

The Hoff turns the big 3.0!

Oh my... stay classy Karls!  Oaks Day... many, many moons ago!

Another Oaks... older... but no more mature!

The Hoffs Hens... Dude!  The beer is empty... and it's seriously about your 17th.  Put down the beer, take off your whore outfit and go to fucking bed.

Keeping it real of The Hoffs wedding day.

Maybe I'll have some pics to share come Monday... might even have a tale or too.

Have a good weekend... and Happy Birthday to Me!

Oh and we'll also be celebrating one year since my bambino Bubbalishy Billy came to live with his new parents... us.
Happy birthday Bubbsy!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Destination? Escalation

Escalation... it's a funny thing!  And one of my best abilities (much to my detriment, in most cases).  The only positive to escalation is it indicates you have a fucking fantastic imagination!

What is escalation?  Well, it's the ability (or disability) to create a series of events in your mind - of which most outcomes are negative and self defamatory.  It creates massive amounts of anxiety... I guess it's like 'blowing things out of proportion'.  I do it... regularly!

Here is a PRIME example of how I escalate:

One of my only local friends and I are facebook friends.  One day, I jump on and think 'Oh and I should send so and so a message asking if they wanna come round for beers this weekend!' 

So, I type their name into the search box and it comes up with nothing!  I then do a search and find said friend... only she has 'de-friended' me!  What? The? Fuck?

I feel a bubble in my throat... my heart rate picks up... I start to feel a little shakey.

'What did I do?  Oh my GOD!  What have I said to upset her?  Maybe she's taken offence to a status update?  Maybe someone has told her I don't like her?  Or that she thinks I'm a snobby bitch?  Or a fuckhead loser?  I know I've been a bit weird of late!  I can't seem to relate to people anymore... I'm not funny or witty these days... If only she got to know me, maybe I could be my old self and then she might like me.  Fuck?  What have I done?'

I rack my brains trying to think of something I may have done to upset her so much that she'd de-friend me... I create a million and one reasons in my mind and for two whole weeks I feel sick to the pit of my stomach.  I now start thinking:

'What if I run into her?  She'll probably ignore me... or worse, punch me in the face.  I'll be so embarrassed.  Is she just going to confront me and I'll be backed into a corner - because I don't know what I've done?  If only I knew what I'd done, I could apologise before she confronts me about it.'

Then... one morning... I walk into the gym, pick up a pen to sign in and see her name above mine on the register.  Immediately I am struck with panic!!!  Bubble in throat, feeling hot all over, heart pounding, hands shaking.  I look up and see her... she looks straight at me... and says:

...with a big friendly smile on her face...

'Oh my GOD!  Karly!  I haven't seen you in ages!  I thought you might be here... We have to get together for beers soon!'

'Huh?  What the?  Hang on one second!  She doesn't hate me?'

No... she doesn't hate me.  She likely hadn't even thought about me during those 2 excrutiating weeks.... unlike me!  Whose pretty much dedicated the last fortnight to stress and worry.

In all the narratives I explored... I didn't explore the fact that perhaps she didn't de-friend me, that perhaps there was a facebook glitch... or perhaps one of the kids got on and deleted a bunch of people by accident.

  We don't know why it happened, but it certainly wasn't a callous and calculated move or one of revenge.  In fact, I wasn't even a fleeting thought.

Negative escalation... she's a nasty bitch from hell!

Facebook, or not... she ain't no friend of mine! 

Post Script:  I've had a couple of comments that the last line has confused some... I mean that 'escalation' is no friend of mine.  The girl on facebook is a friend both on facebook and in real life.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nice day for... beach running!

I've been pretty slack on the exercise front... well, when I say that you'll probably think I'm exaggerating.  I still walk the dog for an hour each day and get to the gym a couple of times a week. 

For me, coming from a time not so long ago, it seems that I've slowed down substantially.  I used to work out at least once a day (twice most days) plus walk or run my dog for an hour on the beach.  Lately, I've been feeling a little lack lustre.

Today, was a stunning winters day!  And a stark reminder of why we moved here.  20 degrees, gorgeous and sunny... the perfect day for a beach run with Billy!

So, rather than make excuses... I chucked Bill in the car , put on my heart monitor, grabbed a bottle of H2O and headed out the door.

It was sooooooo nice!   I surprised myself... although I've been light on the exercise, I still managed to do it in under an hour - and with only one short break.  TOPS!

Just a snap shot of my piece of paradise... if you are interested, I run from just left of Coronation Park... to the river entrance at Valla.  Need to work out how long it actually is... but I'm thinking perhaps 7k's return?

So, I'll be commiting to getting out and pounding the sand twice a week.  It's truly exhilarating!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Getting down and.... arty? You dig?

So, as Micko worked hard this weekend (like super hard) to help create my perfect space, I got in touch with old arty Karls and picked up a paintbrush for the first time in well over 10 years (since Uni, so probably more like 12). 

My bro is an AH-MAZ-ING (and quite a successful) artist... and I've always felt very mediocre (if not shit) in comparison... so I stopped painting and found things that I was much better at.  That doesn't mean that I don't like painting... I think I'd just convinced myself I was crap at it and so I shouldn't waste my time.  I discovered this weekend, just how theraputic and relaxing painting is.

I've got this little book (a notepad book) and the image on the front I adore!  It's called 'The Lovers' by an artist called 'Laurel Burch'.  I decided to base my painting on her image - because I love it so fucking much.  Needed some artwork for my studio's walls (when they are done)... I looked around on etsy and found some prints I liked, but they were all a little too small.  So, I grabbed a canvas I've had laying around forever, stocked up on some paints and brushes... and started to work in our rainforest.

Here's what happened...

I started with a canvas I'd previously painted teal - was going to do something for the spare room but couldn't pull it together - ended up using a much bigger canvas and covering in the super rad material - I'll blog on the spare room another day.

I got a marker and roughly outlined the basis of the picture.  Then I started blocking parts together with colour.

Decided I wasn't a fan of the skin toned 'Micko'... it's a painting based around my favourite ranga and his black haired beauty - cute, huh?  Perhaps a little sickly sweet... but poo to you haters.

Wasn't too sure about the rainbow thing I had going on in the top left corner... bit too busy.

Blended the rainbow - well, not really blend, more re-painted the area.

Also noticed I needed to blend poor Micko's face a little better!

And this, my blogging buddies, is the finished product. 

It's no Picasso... but I am really happy with it. 
It is going to look fab up on the wall of my office - which will likely be some kind of blue and purple (good colours for creativity). 

The main reason I like it is because I had such a great time painting it!  I felt happy - like real happiness (which I've not been feeling too much of late)... nice feeling!

It will be a constant reminder that I don't have to be perfect... all the time.  I just have to be happy and enjoy who I am and where I am.  That is enough for me.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Studio 54... well, not really Studio 54, but a Studio all the same...

Big things are happening in Karls' wonderful world. 

Great shifts of the mind... vast creativity... action, jackson.

As you know, my new website is up and running and I'm totally stoked with it!  But that's not all that's changing in my little slice of paradise. 

My recording studio, which at present more resembles a dark, dirty, cold dungeon, is about to get a massive makeover!  Finally!!!

I've reluctantly (and embarrassingly) taken some 'before' photos... this is waaaaay more brave than showing you the contents of my handbag, let me tell you! 

My office was some what of a dumping ground - we moved the boxes in and I never really bothered unpacking them - except when I needed something and then I'd throw shit all around the room while I desperately searched for the software CD or piece of hardware I needed and leave everything else exactly where it was.  Naughty! Naughty! 

Seriously... if my house was like this, I'd go insane!  So, why would I let my office look like a bomb had gone off - especially considering I spend most of my days and some of my nights in this space?

I guess, for starters, it kind of reflects where my mind has been of late.  Full of old, useless shit I don't have a need for anymore... so now, I'm ready to take it down the tip and leave it behind forevermore!

Gulp!  Breathe... and publish pics...

Oh Hart!  What a mess!

So dark and dingy!

My big fish... still sitting around waiting to be hung.

The money maker... my current booth.

See!  I'm really putting it all out there... so wrong!

Shit that I put there when we moved in 15 months ago... haven't seen the light of day since!  Including my collection of White Stripes 7"'s.  Very disappointing!  Oh the shame!  Feel like I'm a contender for 'Hoarders' right about now...

How embarrassing!  But, I'm okay with it.  This is reflective of who I was yesterday... and this weekend (and the next... and the next...), the rebuilding and renovating will turn this space into something that is useable... beautiful... creative and totally me! 

Bring it on... bitches!
I'll keep you posted on our progress!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Whoa! I missed my birthday...

So much has been going on!  My new website is up and running and it looks shit. hot!  Check it out here:

I wrote the content myself and had the fabulous Glen from do the design.  He is fabulous!  If you're looking to have a website put together, don't look past Glen and his partner Lizzy.  They are really affordable!  I'm really happy with the way it's all turned out!

In other news...

Things are travelling along nicely.  Had some really fucked computer problems last week - which caused me undue stress.  They seem to be sorted now (well, fingers crossed they are). 

I've totally dropped the ball on my fitness regime!  It's so fricken cold (we even had day when the max was 12!!!  I know, it's practically summer in some parts of the world... not here though - in fact, it's pretty much unheard of).  I'm finding it really hard to find the motivation - not too mention my gym is pretty boring - understatement (but it's really the only one around - damn small country towns).  I'd run on the beach... but it's fucking cold - oh wow!  Another excuse.

Need to dig deep and pull out that motivation.  I haven't been a complete sloth - still averaging 2 sesh's a week and I walk Billy everyday (which is more than about 90% of people I know) so, no beating myself up about it... just going to change it.

Had a delicious plunger coffee with chocolate in it... Mmmmmmm!  Then I got that hot flush feeling that you get after a hot drink... so I pulled my jumper off and am sitting here a-la naturale (that is... with my boobies hanging around my waist  - super uncomfortable and every 15 secs or so I have to put my arm underneath them to take the weight and reposition (oh 20's... and my perky titties.... where did you go???)

Blog birthday was a week ago!  Whoops!  Had so much going on I totally forgot.

Gotta go put a bra on... I can feel muscle tearing! 

Oh and have a shower and get my arse to boxing.


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