Friday, July 23, 2010

Birthday... Bitches

It's my 33rd birthday on Sunday... ARGH!  Where have the past 15 years gone? 

Good news is... my favourite bitch in the whole world is coming to see me to celebrate!  Now, this is no small feat!  She is coming just for the night... and it involved not one, but 2 flights... about a 4am wake up call too! 

In honour of her super radness... Please indulge yourselves in the following photo montage!

Me and my bitch at my old home 'Barwon Heads'... Miss that place.  I, as per usual, have to do something immature to ruin the shot - aka. picking a winner.

BDO '08.  Oh Big Day Out, my dear friend!  Where the hell did that kick arse visor and sunnies go?

The Hoff's engagement... we were ROTTEN!

Back in the day... perhaps New Years 01-02?  We went camping and ended up seeing in the New Year at the local Fire Station - after stumbling in and a good mate wowing the Firies with his mad breakdancing skills.  The Hoff got dressed up for the occassion.

My 22nd birthday!  11 year ago?  Surely not!  80s party... it was still the 90s (that's how forward thinking I am!)

Me riding The Hoff in the middle of Lygon St.  Unusual?  For most... yes.  For me?  No.

Ahhh Meredith Music Festival... How we love thee... shall we count the ways?  MMF 2000

Another Meredith escapade!  My mate used to own the pub... here we are after hours.  This is what happens when 2 young girls are left behind a bar with no supervision.

The Hoff turns the big 3.0!

Oh my... stay classy Karls!  Oaks Day... many, many moons ago!

Another Oaks... older... but no more mature!

The Hoffs Hens... Dude!  The beer is empty... and it's seriously about your 17th.  Put down the beer, take off your whore outfit and go to fucking bed.

Keeping it real of The Hoffs wedding day.

Maybe I'll have some pics to share come Monday... might even have a tale or too.

Have a good weekend... and Happy Birthday to Me!

Oh and we'll also be celebrating one year since my bambino Bubbalishy Billy came to live with his new parents... us.
Happy birthday Bubbsy!


jprp said...

aww Karls, I hope you have the most awesome of raddest, amazing spectacular, special birthdays ever, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BITCH! Love your guts out to the moon and back xx

And happy one year anniversary of becoming a member of the coolest family in the 'buccs Billy boy, a year of love and fattening up!

oh, and in checking your PO Box Karls, remember my really bad sense of humor! but i think your on the same page, and with the Hough coming up, i think the words are quite appropriate! xx

aladdinsane12 said...

happy b-day! is it weird that i want to be friends with you now? it looks like you have a hell of a lot of fun! i'm sure this year's birthday will be no different :)

Christine Vi said...

I love your photo montage! So much fun in those years and I think you'll continue to have lots of fun. And hey, you're only as old as you feel!

At least I'm skinny said...

Happy b-day!

You look like so much fun to hang out with but I'd be so mesmerized by your voice I might not notice you riding me in the street.


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