Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Whoa! I missed my birthday...

So much has been going on!  My new website is up and running and it looks shit. hot!  Check it out here:


I wrote the content myself and had the fabulous Glen from www.nambuccavalleywebdesign.com.au/ do the design.  He is fabulous!  If you're looking to have a website put together, don't look past Glen and his partner Lizzy.  They are really affordable!  I'm really happy with the way it's all turned out!

In other news...

Things are travelling along nicely.  Had some really fucked computer problems last week - which caused me undue stress.  They seem to be sorted now (well, fingers crossed they are). 

I've totally dropped the ball on my fitness regime!  It's so fricken cold (we even had day when the max was 12!!!  I know, it's practically summer in some parts of the world... not here though - in fact, it's pretty much unheard of).  I'm finding it really hard to find the motivation - not too mention my gym is pretty boring - understatement (but it's really the only one around - damn small country towns).  I'd run on the beach... but it's fucking cold - oh wow!  Another excuse.

Need to dig deep and pull out that motivation.  I haven't been a complete sloth - still averaging 2 sesh's a week and I walk Billy everyday (which is more than about 90% of people I know) so, no beating myself up about it... just going to change it.

Had a delicious plunger coffee with chocolate in it... Mmmmmmm!  Then I got that hot flush feeling that you get after a hot drink... so I pulled my jumper off and am sitting here a-la naturale (that is... with my boobies hanging around my waist  - super uncomfortable and every 15 secs or so I have to put my arm underneath them to take the weight and reposition (oh 20's... and my perky titties.... where did you go???)

Blog birthday was a week ago!  Whoops!  Had so much going on I totally forgot.

Gotta go put a bra on... I can feel muscle tearing! 

Oh and have a shower and get my arse to boxing.


The Boob Nazi said...

I work out better when it's cold. I hate leaving the gym and still being hot. blech

aladdinsane12 said...

Your new website looks fabulous! Your bio cracked me up :) Happy belated birthday- hope it was fab!

Nicky said...

Love your new website buddy.

I have a feeling each of my boobs weigh 20kg each now...
I am not enjoying this.

Stay awesome!

"Seattle" Heather said...

Happy blog birthday! And your new website is amazing. I had no idea what you did for a living! How cool! :) Very impressed!

Taryn Rucci said...

Your website looks great honey! Congratulations! xxx


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