Monday, July 12, 2010

Getting down and.... arty? You dig?

So, as Micko worked hard this weekend (like super hard) to help create my perfect space, I got in touch with old arty Karls and picked up a paintbrush for the first time in well over 10 years (since Uni, so probably more like 12). 

My bro is an AH-MAZ-ING (and quite a successful) artist... and I've always felt very mediocre (if not shit) in comparison... so I stopped painting and found things that I was much better at.  That doesn't mean that I don't like painting... I think I'd just convinced myself I was crap at it and so I shouldn't waste my time.  I discovered this weekend, just how theraputic and relaxing painting is.

I've got this little book (a notepad book) and the image on the front I adore!  It's called 'The Lovers' by an artist called 'Laurel Burch'.  I decided to base my painting on her image - because I love it so fucking much.  Needed some artwork for my studio's walls (when they are done)... I looked around on etsy and found some prints I liked, but they were all a little too small.  So, I grabbed a canvas I've had laying around forever, stocked up on some paints and brushes... and started to work in our rainforest.

Here's what happened...

I started with a canvas I'd previously painted teal - was going to do something for the spare room but couldn't pull it together - ended up using a much bigger canvas and covering in the super rad material - I'll blog on the spare room another day.

I got a marker and roughly outlined the basis of the picture.  Then I started blocking parts together with colour.

Decided I wasn't a fan of the skin toned 'Micko'... it's a painting based around my favourite ranga and his black haired beauty - cute, huh?  Perhaps a little sickly sweet... but poo to you haters.

Wasn't too sure about the rainbow thing I had going on in the top left corner... bit too busy.

Blended the rainbow - well, not really blend, more re-painted the area.

Also noticed I needed to blend poor Micko's face a little better!

And this, my blogging buddies, is the finished product. 

It's no Picasso... but I am really happy with it. 
It is going to look fab up on the wall of my office - which will likely be some kind of blue and purple (good colours for creativity). 

The main reason I like it is because I had such a great time painting it!  I felt happy - like real happiness (which I've not been feeling too much of late)... nice feeling!

It will be a constant reminder that I don't have to be perfect... all the time.  I just have to be happy and enjoy who I am and where I am.  That is enough for me.


~KS said...

Holy shit!!! You are seriously talented!! I might hire you to create some artwork for me!!

Well done!

jprp said...

we both know the truth.... that the ranga is really me, but we'll let Micko think it's him!

you did an awesome job mate, you should stick to it (puts your spare room lamp to shame! ;) )

Jack said...

That's cool right there....nice one!

Iva said...

OMG!! WOW!!! You are amazing!! I LOVE IT!!! :)

bananas. said...

wow...i'm thoroughly impressed ms. karls. you're a damn good artist! you really are!!!

please paint more so:

a. you can feel therapuetic while doing it and...

b. so i can have more eye candy.

please and thanks!

Alicia said...

wow! its seriously amazing....i loved seeing it transition from beginning to end! i haven't painted since college either...pretty much gave it up since i became a mom... maybe i'll have to pick up a few canvases and give it a go :) can't wait to see the new space!

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

That is just beautiful!


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