Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hen Hit

Man!  I've been off the radar for a bit... it will likely be a bit this way over the next month.  Got shitloads of shit on - real life, yay!

Hens was AWESOME!  Nesh (my faux sister) did such a great job putting it altogether!   

This is the Maxi Pad...
Love that rad retro design... This is what Micko and would love to end up in... well, something similar.  So effing rad!
Decks are so important... SO important!

Houghy (my best mate and the bride) had no idea that myself or Mangina were coming.  We flew in and Nesh swung by the airport to pick us up.  When she got to Houghy's, we both jumped out and hid around the corner.  Houghy thought we were a couple of smackies trying to scab a lift (says a lot about our fashion style!)  She was fucking stoked we came down.

Friday was full of beers... Saturday morning I woke up around 7am and the house was silent.  I dragged my very hungover arse down the beach and went for a run.  Struggled big time (chain smoking is sooooo not good for you).  A couple of Aspro Clear in a glass of wine fixed me right up!

Sometimes these days are like one massive in joke and can about as interesting as hearing in detail somebodies dream (one that doesn't involve you).  

So here is the day in pics...
Jelly shots... never a good way to start the day!  NEVER!

There is no excuse for Aldi tampons!

Dressing the bride so she looks fucking ridiculous is all part of being a hen.

Dress by Ken Done?

We look much classier than we are.

Playdoh penises... complete with giz.

The christmas penis... complete with rocket pubes!

Photo credit to Mr Vagina - the wine tasting man.

Me and my favourite $2 whores.  I was going to the high class prostitute look - fishnets with the tops showing... stay classy Karls!

Houghy has all the fine moves.

Oh wait!  No... Mangina has all the fine moves!

We swear Houghy's mum put sedatives in the lasagne.  We crashed and burned after tea - LAME!  On the couch watching Walk The Line by 9pm and in bed asleep by midnight.  Dude!  We are SO FUCKING HARDCORE!
The beach is sooooo different to my beach.  A bunch of strangely un-hungover hot bitches.

Any major weekend must end with a massive chicken Parma and a Corona and lemon (or three).

In 3 weeks we get to do it all again... except with our respective penises... and me not dressed as a high class prostitute, but as a bridesmaid.  Yee haw!  Now to some serious detoxing!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hens Horror

My success with Hens nights is limited.  Many, many moons ago one of my best mates was married. We were in our early 20s - they got together when she was just a underage 16 year old drinking it up at the local (classy establishment with green carpet covered in cherries). 
Anyways... Fe is (or was) an avid John Travolta fan.  So we decided to organise a John Travolta stripper.  We wanted a fat-o-gram but at the time there was apparently no male fat-o-grams working in the Melbourne area - what a shame!  After many calls, one woman suggested a Mr. Puny.  Of course, I enquire 'what the fuck is Mr Puny?'  She said he was one of her best strippers and he was, as the name suggested, very small.  Comically the opposite of what we were after - it was daft enough it might just have worked!  I booked Mr Puny and requested he dance to 'Stayin' Alive' dressed as John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

Mr Puny shows up quite late... He also looks (and smells) as though he picked up his clothes from a dumpster and hasn't had a shower in about three months.  His outfit is NOTHING like John Travolta - in fact the only thing he got right was Stayin' Alive (which, come to think of it, we likely brought along). 

No one is laughing... everyone has their jaw dragging on the floor in horror as this disgusting man drunkedly saunters towards Fe (who is now sitting in a chair shaking with fear).  Just as he reaches her, and starts to 'dance' around her, Fe starts bawling.  She is screaming 'Get him away from me!' and crying.  We stop the music and tell him to leave immediately. 

Fe was clearly scarred from the horrific event that unfolded before her... and I felt fucking terrible as I was the one who had organised him to come (oh and I should mention we paid $250 for the pleasure - which we didn't get back, but were told we could get another stripper another night - yeah, cause the first one worked out so well - perhaps we could get one for the wedding?)

As Fe started to calm down a little, a few of us sneaked into the bar and found a Bucks Night (how is it whenever you are on a Hens there is ALWAYS a bucks around?).  We told the guys we'd give them $50 if they'd strip for us.  What a bunch of night savers!  They happily obliged... and they were a pretty good sort! 

So, yo!  I need your help!  As you can see... I've not had much success with the old Hens.  and it's my best mates Hens night this weekend.  Got any ideas for games or activities that aren't super lame - like the toilet paper wedding dress shit... argh!

Spoiler alert!

I'm really hoping my little G child don't read my blog.  She has no idea I'm actually flying down for the event.  Knowing my luck, today is the day she decides to head on over and read up. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


According to my bubbaloo's paperwork, he leaves puppydom for adulthood on April 6th (that is, his first birthday - or 7th in dog years).   I imagine you are all aware that Billy is my adorable kelpie x your-guess-is-as-good-as-mine puppylicious.  

Late last July we adopted Billy from his super kind foster parents - he'd been found by the crew at Grafton Animal Rescue not a moment too soon.  They say that if he'd been out in the cold just one more night, he'd not be here today.

We found Billy online and instantly fell in love.
So skinny and small!
I admire a man who is proud in pink (not really, find a little to metro for my liking)
Awwwww!  Little sad puppy!  He has certainly grown into his white 'black beauty' markings!

So skinny!  And little!  And has some serious balls for even considering leaving the house dressed in pink!

They had no idea what kind of dog he was, or his age (so the 6th April is a guestimate) or how big he would grow - thoughts where a little smaller than a beagle.  Wrong! 

Recently, Bilby has been suffering from a skin condition and a sore shoulder.  Two $200 trips to Vets and he seems to be on the mend.  Bad news is he is on a sabbatical from the beach... which means no daily walk/run/swim for us.  Boo!  Good news is he's healthy and very happy.  He's also a little to well feed and is now on the way to losing 3kg's.

He is worth every cent and more!  
Just look at the cartoon-esque smile!

My happy, well adjusted bubba!

Friday, March 19, 2010

To shit or not to shit - the public toilet debate

I believe all toilets were created equal - regardless of size, shape, colour or location, they all are a glittering beacon of light to me!

I'm a social outcast... probably one of the very few of my kind.  You see, I happily take a dump in a public toilet... anytime.  My bowel are like friggin clockwork, and if I need to go, you'd better get the fuck outta my way.

In the late 90s, I was working for a major photographic retailer in the heart of Melbourne.  Each morning I'd jump on the train for my hour trek to the city.  And each morning, I'd end up halfway there with a heel shoved firmly in my arse, hair standing on end and tears welling up in my eyes.  My bowels wait for no man... or public transit network.

Once I'd arrived at work, those who'd already arrived and taken up their station for the day, would automatically yell out 'Hi Karls... Bye Karls' as I ran through the shop floor, holding my arse cheeks together, flying up the stairs and locking myself in the can for 10 minutes while I unleashed the demon.  (told you I was like clockwork - why couldn't my clock be just that 1 hour early... or late!  I'm very punctual - both in person and in poo tract)

I recall at high school, coming out of the toilets, and one of the 'cool' girls said to me; 'Karls, ummm like you should really line the bowl with toilet paper like before you take a dump.  So like we don't have to like hear the splash.'  Fucking bitch... I've got no probs with you hearing my splash - if you've got a problem perhaps you should block your fucking ears!

Smart Ass Sara actually inspired this topic... She mentioned that she never unleashes the demon at work... and I know there are a plethora of people out there in the same boat.  I just have no concept of how you can function when you need to shit.  I want that devil out of my body... asap!

Which brings me to my revelations (of which there are 2)....  I'm likely to lose the respect of you guys (and perhaps a few followers here)

Firstly:  I proudly shit where no woman dare shit - public dunnies... Shopping Centre, Service Station, Macca's, Park... wherever!  I don't discriminate Poo Chutes.  If I need go, I go.

And secondly:  I don't do the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon... I don't cover the toilet seat in paper before gently placing my rear on the carefully placed poo tickets.  Hell, I don't have the time!  I wipe that seat clean and I plonk my fat arse straight down on that fucker. 

Disclaimer:  My only prejuidice lies in shit or piss filled bowls... and I won't sit where there are remnants of piss or shit on the seat.  If the situation is dire, I will flush, wipe and hover.

What about you?  To shit or not to shit?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A year in the 'Buccs

Yesterday, Micko and I celebrated one year since we moved into our place in Nambucca.  In some respects it has just flown by... and in others, not so much.  It's likely been my loneliest year to date.  I'm a very social person and I feel I'm slowly losing my mind from isolation - well, I exaggerate.  I do miss my mates and family heaps.  Hey!  Year 2 will be much less lonely - fo shiz!  

When the loneliness starts to eat at me... I take a walk and I'm instantly reminded why I'm here.  It's hard to be lonely when you're totally surrounded by beauty!

Micko and I celebrated with dinner at the club.  A nice quiet meal, some meat tray raffles and a couple of Guiness (well, Micko had a couple of Guiness - I'm not a big fan, although I haven't tried it in a loooooong time)

During the day, I'd booked myself in for a facial... went it at 1pm, came out at 4.10pm!  Can you believe it?  It was 3 hours of pure indulgent bliss!  And I totally deserved it!  I'm a big believer in looking after yourself.  No!  No!  I don't mean I eat sunflower seeds, drink only filtered water and live on shit that grows out of the ground - I don't have the discipline.  Plus, my sinking of beer and occassional sly ciggy totally have ruined me from keep my body pure.   What I mean... is taking time out!  Doing something for me... and me alone.  I swear by it! Great for the mind!

Just got back gym... sweaty, stinky and in need of a shower!  I've been a bit of a slack arse this week and only been to the gym once... no running on the beach either!  Tsk!  Tsk!  Billy has an injured shoulder and after another $200 excursion to the Vet, we've been told to rest him for a couple of weeks (easy to say when you're not looking an active Kelpie X in the face!)  I'll be iPod'ing up and running this arvo - minus my furry friend.  Sad really!

Tomorrow, I'll be taking you on a personal hygiene journey... I imagine around 99% will be horrified by what I'm going to lay out on the table.  Intrigued?  You should be!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Karls to the Rescue

Been a bit slack... well, my brain has been a little fried!  I'll likely be a bit here and there this week - got lots of real life shit going on (all good!  all good!)

Did the course over the weekend and learnt soooo much.  There are so many interesting people in this world - at face value you might make assumptions but talking to them people you find they are truly loving, generous, caring people!  Overall, I was quite overwhelmed - similar to when you quit one job to change direction. I was feeling quite apprehensive - questioning whether or not I was capable.

Yesterday morning I got to do my first rescue!  It was a little turtle who was sitting in the middle of the road.  He didn't need rescuing... more just picking up and dropping off, but it was officially my first rescue.  He was a very cute Eastern Long Neck (I used to have one as a pet - Jands has a couple, I think?).

While I was at my coordinators place, she showed me a joey that she is currently fostering.  Oh MY GOD!  It was so fucking adorable!  Didn't have all it's fur yet and lives in a pouch hanging on a stand in her living room.  The mum was likely hit by a car, then when found someone checked in her pouch and *voila* a little pink baby kangaroo orphan.  

I'm thinking I'd like to foster one of these little dudes!  Any macropods actually!  Anyways... back to the co-ordinator...

I spoke to her for a while and get this... The woman works not just one, but two jobs... She is studying to be a Vet Nurse...  Then she volunteers as a full time carer and rescuer (plus she does the training for new members)... On top of that she is an Emergency Service (SES) volunteer... Plus she is a Rural Fire Service volunteer!

Why is it that some people can give so much... and others so little?  Seems to be a great imbalance.  Fuck!  I'm no saint... not at all!  And before this, I've done pretty much zero (donated to charity and have a sponsor child - which I guess is still more than some).  I'm actually not sure why I've never done anything before... perhaps a little scared... maybe too lazy (for sure) or I thought it would take time I'd rather be doing something else with. 

The thing is most volunteer services are in need and every little bit helps.  It doesn't have to involve a shitload of money or time.  And it doesn't have to be left to the woman who already works two jobs, three volunteer services, studies, fosters animals and has a family.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, seriously think about what you can do, however small, to make this world a better place.  Then.... do it!   On a rather selfish note... you'll get back waaaaay more than you put in!

Tomorrow, I'll get off my high horse and bring you our regularly scheduled R rated program.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Good Samaritan

Tomorrow, a little too bright an early on a Saturday for my liking, I'll be rocking up to the Community Village in Coffs Harbour... notepad in hand, dressed in 'comfortable clothing' with my learning cap on, ready to start my W.I.R.E.S course.

For those not in the know, I'm doing a Wildlife Rescue course - I've always wanted to do some volunteer work and I love wildlife so I bit the bullet and registered a while back.  The course goes for 2 days and I'm quite excited (and a little nervous) to see what is presented and expected.

The weird thing is that it means no drinky-poo's for me this weekend.  This, is a very rare occurrence.  The last time I went without a night on the turps (over a weekend) was right before my wedding.  I did the liver cleanse and didn't touch even a sip of beer in about 10 weeks!  Yes!  10 WEEKS!   Note:  I also lost about 10 kilo's - diet?  Possibly... no beer?  Definitely!  That's actually the longest I've gone without having a drink since I was 15 years old!

Back to me being a good samaritan though!   Praise people... praise!

Now... go out there, achieve greatness, drink beer (for me) and have a rad weekend!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Visitors Rock!

So my real life and blogging friend, Jandy, was heading through town on her way to the Gold Coast (her little sis is moving there).  They stopped in for the night.  The spare room is all done and they christened the new look.  We had a fucking rad time!

Jands and I went to high school together.  We both hung around in different groups - both equally as dorky (you know it girls) - so I guess you could say we were on equal playing ground.  Both groups of bushpigs got along well and I still catch up with them when I'm down in Melbourne Town.   Thank fuck for facebook is about all I have to say.  That shit is the bomb!  And it's bought so many rad friends I'd lost touch with over the years (easy when you live 24 hours drive away from everyone you know) - including one Randy Jandy.

Anyways... we had a great night spinning bullshit, drinking bubbles and eating cheese (me chainsmoking - I know!  I know!).  Finally hit the sack around 3 am (on a weeknight!  Unbelievable)!  I smoked an entire pack and today I am PAYING for it!  Bigtime!  I sound like a man... great for my line of work!  And my brain feels like it is swimming around in a fog of cigarette smoke.  Gross!  I'm sooooo fucking tired!  All I can think about is getting Chinese take away for dangs... Honey Chicken and Special Fried Rice... come to Mumma!

I'm off to lie my lazy arse on the couch, watch some Neighbours and Home and Away, while eating a shitload of chinese food and drinking copious amounts of Coke.  Oh... I'll pay for it tomorrow!

Man!  I'm such a glutton for punishment!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Housemate from Hell - Part 1

I was just over at Kellyanaspana (another super spunky Aussie lass) and she'd mentioned she was a massive Bon Jovi fan... also that she'd been singing the wrong lyrics to her fav track since 1986 - ummmm embarrassing!  (haha... just kidding girlfriend - although I'm quite sure I've never once uttered wrong lyrics, I can sympathise - I kidd, I kidd!  Well, sort of!).

Anywanker... It bought back some memories that I'd repressed to the very far away recesses of my mind.  The story of a housemate... a housemate from hell (Hi Tim, you tosser, if you're reading this! - just so he knows who I'm refering to.)

It was the late 90s and therefore I was dating 'Late 90s' (who you may recall from such stories as 'Worst Gift EVER!)   Late 90s had moved out of home and in with Tim (yes... it is his real name).  I started staying over regularly - well actually, I kind of just moved in.  I'm sure this put Tim out a little - knowing Late 90s, he wouldn't have brought up the topic with Tim. 

Thing Tim did to shit me:

Everytime I'd have a shower, he'd seemed to place himself right outside and would light up.  At the time I was soooo not a smoker.  The smell revolted me!  The fact that I'd be showering and getting all nice, fresh and clean, then getting soaked with smoke, made me feel a little physically sick.  Eewwwww! 

Tim was all round not my kind of bloke.  He was a pansy - the kind that talks themselves up big time (a bullshitting pansy - the worst kind).  He was also obsessed with a girl I went to school with - she was a very attractive girl and I never understood what she saw in him - even more  so after I accidently walked in on him just after he'd gotten out of the shower!  He was skinny, very pale and looked a little like Monty Burns nuded up... ewwwww!  So, the hot tottie and Tim had previously dated, but eventually she'd moved onto someone who had a set of testi's.  They were still friends and would go out from time to time.

One such Friday night (I was working early on the Saturday) he arrived home after one such 'friends date'.  He was crying like a little bitch.  He sat up in the lounge room, directly across from my room, and cranked some lame Jon Bon Jovi song - a terrible ballad.  He picked up his guitar and played and sang along - and by 'sing', I mean whine, howl and wail - inbetween sobs - until around 7am the next morning (about 10 minutes before I had to get up for work).   All night I wanted to go out there and scream 'Harden the fuck up bitch!' - but I didn't.  I wasn't an 'official' housemate (maybe I was... I was also my own kind of whiny little bitch back then).

Let it be said, he moved out not long after (although long enough for me to witness 'hot stuff' sneaking across the lawn, half dressed in the wee hours of the morn). I don't really remember the circumstances of the move...  I have a feeling they weren't all sunshine, unicorns and rainbows.

Housemate from hell?   Yeah... Although in this case, the housemate from hell was more likely freeloading me!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010



Speaking of fine punani... 

Huh?  What?  I wasn't speaking of punani?  That makes a refreshing change, yes? 

Yeah...  anyvajayjay... योनि = vagina according to Google Translate in Hindi (one of the many languages spoken throughout India).  

And if you add smoking hot + spadger (I know how much you guys love that word) with Indian heritage.... what do you get?

Kiran... from Masala Chica 

Nice segue, eh?  (a few years in radio did that to me) 

Kiran asked me to guest post (my first ever bitches... yeeew) and of course I obliged.  Now, go... go to the hot tomale now.  I. SAID. NOW!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Da weekend recap

Had a pretty darn uneventul weekend!  Friday night... drank beers and ate Micko's homemade smoked salmon and boccocini pizza - mmm mmmm.  Felt very bored and restless (as did Micko), went to bed with the shits.

Got up... walked on the beach, came home and got stuck into painting the spare room.  Got through the first coat on the 3 walls, finished the tin of paint and opened the 2nd tin to discover it was a completely different shade of white (more like grey really).  This, unfortunately, is not the first time I've had this happen.  The last time I bought paint exactly the same scenario unfolded.  ARRGH!  Had to drive the 50km's to Coffs to have them stand around scratching their heads trying to figure out what went wrong.  Ummmm?  Someone fucked up!  Now get my fucking paint right this time wankers!

Saturday night I got stuck into the Vodka and Red Bull.  In fact, I drank so much Red Bull I almost shat myself - literally (happens more than I'd care to admit - perhaps another blog entry a little further down the track).  Was totally wired and listening to Radio Grunge into the wee hours of this morning (which was my savior throughout the weekend). 

Sunday... got up, walked on the beach, had a lovely swim then came back to get stuck into the feature wall - I'll post some shots tomorrow when we finished it completely.  Who'd have thunk it would take the full day to do just the one fucking wall?  That's what you get when you go a really bright, dark colour and couple it up with a nice light shade of Berkingshire white!  Messy, messy, messy! 

Also been getting uncharacteristically crafty... not sure if I'll post the end results - will likely look embarrassingly povo and cliche. 

And that's the wrap up from the markets.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Patients is a virtue (pun intended)

So, I'm guessing you are all super keen to hear the in's and out's (no pun intended) of my pap smear?   Well, I won't go into too much detail.  Although I will say this, having a see through plastic penis shoved in your spadger, and a cold metal spatula scraping your insides out, is certainly not my idea of a 'good time'!  Having said that, I'm totally stoked those pinching metal clamps they used last time are no longer in circulation.

Here is what annoyed me more than the Pap Smear... the waiting room!  My appointment was at 3.15... when did I get to see the Doc?  Just after 5pm!  Yes!  Almost 2 hours late!  By the time I got in there, I explained to her that I usually react badly to foreign objects being put inside my snatch.  Then, out of the blue, I started bawling my eyes out.  Embarrassing?  Ummm fucking oath!  Of course, she just sat their looking at me like I'd just pushed the door in or her to say a friendly 'G'day' while having a crap in a public toilet (being sheer bewilderment).

Generally I like to save up my ailments for a visit to the dreaded Doc's.  I don't want to spend $90 to go in and come out 5 minutes later (after sitting in a waiting room full of disgusting germs for an eternity) with a prescription for a $10 bottle of pills.  My ear has been playing up forever.  So, I made the most of it and got her to check that out too.  It's infected and I've got these drops I've got to put in (and lie still for 5 minutes while it soaks in) 3 times a day!  I'm so glad I work from home because all I can smell is the sweet scent of ear wax.  Kind of like when you stick your fingers down your pants and have to take a sniff... interesting and not really that offensive (cause it's my smell).

Grossed out?

I kind of am!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vagina Reminda

Good news is... I'm almost caught up on my invoicing!  I'd been so slack I discovered stuff from December I'd overlooked - tsk tsk!  Only a couple more to go (and thankfully they are current - not embarrassingly overdue) then I'll be back in the blogosphere and catching up with all my favourite bitches!

Speaking of overdue...  

haha No! No!  Not preggers!  Gotcha!

I'm well overdue for that delightful bi-annual event - the Pap Smear.  I fucking HATE pap smears!  I mostly hate the fact that I have to get the hedge trimmer out and attack my downstairs 70s bush (it's actually beyond 70s bush now and more like actual bush - like outback, rainforest bush... nasty).  Got an appointment this arvo and I'm soooo not looking forward to it!  

My first pap smear involved the Doc clamping open my golden snatch, then walking back to get her instruments... as she walked back towards me, a few feet away she tripped over, laughed and said 'Aren't you glad I didn't do that any closer to your beaver' (beaver may be an embellishment).   Ummmmm?  Fucking oath I am!  

Another time, the clamp pinched my precious spadger so much I had to scream.  

I'm sure I'm not alone in these hideous experiences!


Bad news?  If you're over due... I command you to take my lead and book yourself in TODAY!  It might be a very uncomfortable few minutes... but it's a small price to pay (considering it could save your fucking life).

Wish me... and my gutted ewok... good luck!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I've been a total slack prick!  I've been so friggin busy, I've not had time to scratch my arse,  It's been hard enough finding a little time to blog... let alone get around and see what you crazy cats have been up to.  I'm really sorry.  I will pick up my act.  Starting tomorrow - after I finish my invoicing... money before friends?

A few beautiful bloggers out their in blogland have given me awards and I've not had the chance to respond.

It's been so long, I've likely forgotten a few... but here goes nothing!

And the beautiful blogger award goes to.... drumroll please.... me!

A deep heart felt thanks to the following rad people: 

Smart Ass (or as I would say Arse) Sara.  Who taught me today, that Oprah has really fucking ugly feet.

And a couple of others... for the life of me I can't remember!  I'm fucking hopeless.. well, it's invoicing time of the month again (worse than having my period!)  So, I'm sincerely sorry if I forgot to mention you.  Give me a big nasty 'fuck you, you selfish bitch, you're no longer a beautiful blogger' comment.  

My girl, Jands - who I'll have beers with on the back deck in a week (with any luck) gave me this award back in November!  Told you I'm a slack c-bomb!  

This little beauty came from Kate, over at Camelshoes.  OTT?  You decide.  Well, actually I know I'm totally over the top... a little too much ass, not so much class, if you're picking up what I'm putting down!

I'd like to pass on the awards... but I'm going to come up with my own, very spesh award soon.  Stay tuned... guaranteed it will be everything you've come to expect from me.

So, now... it's back to invoicing... Boo!  Boo!   Poo! Poo!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Da weekend recap

Had such an awesome weekend!  Friday night, I went out with a couple of girlfriends in Byron to see Franz Ferninand.  I'm not a big fan, but I had a rad time!  These girls (and I) really needed a night out to get loose on the juice.  Needless to say, I got pretty wasted, paid for it Saturday.

As usual, I thought we'd have all the time in the world to drop in and see friends and perhaps even get up to the Gold Coast to buy myself another laptop, but we didn't.  I didn't even get to see JD&M who live on the same property as Krabes - slack!  That's what you get for sleeping in, nursing a hangover.  So, sorry J!  We'll be back in a few weeks... serious catching up to do then!

Headed round to see Micko's Mum, and his Sister and Brother-in-law who where there with their 3 kids.  My little red head nieces and nephew's, Piper, Ned and Gidget.  They serious do grow up so quickly!  Blink and you'll miss it kind of stuff!  

Anyways, I've mentioned Jack's amazing photographic skills before.  At the moment, I'm working on a photo wall (or stairwell).  Got Jack to send through some stunning pics of the kids - here are a few:

Here are some shots he took of my beautiful baby this weekend.
Awwwwwww!  So cute!

My little baby has grown into a big dog now!  In the last stages of puppydom - where did the time go?

Such a handsome fella!  Quite regal.

Neddy the Nephew getting some serious sand dune air.  He is seriously like the Energizer bunny.  Constantly running or jumping.  Lots of energy to burn!

I was soooo proud of Billy.  All weekend he was surround by little kidletts and he was so great with them.  Sure there were a few face licks, but he showed immense patience and affection.  He is definitely a kid dog.


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