Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A summer wedding...

The initial reason I was visiting Victoria, was for this lovely couples wedding.  Lynette is my best friends little sis... and kind of like the little sister I never had.  She is one of the brightest, bubbliest personalities I've ever met... she radiates happiness and subsequently, finds herself surrounded by fabulous friends.  Phil is calm, attentive, quiet and loves a laugh - the perfect balance for Nesha's vivacious spirit.

The setting was her parents property in Mansfield.  The day was stinking hot - high 30's/low 40s!  The sun was definitely out - fierce and  uncompromising...  I was dressed in a black jumpsuit (shorts) and shooting away madly (not with a gun, but my old weapon of choice - the camera).  I've not shot a wedding (in fact, I've not shot anything at all) since one of girlfriends was married almost 3 years ago - so I'm a little rusty.

The ceremony was gorgeous and Lynette looked like a 1940s movie star - big fan of her fascinator!

It was such an awesome day -  although my make up ran off within the first 20 minutes of squatting on the river rocks-  extreme heat radiating from them - sweating profusely in my (stylish and practical - at this point) black jumpsuit.   Sweat poured out of every pore... it dripped down my face, my back, through the cavern I call a cleavage, between my sweaty arse crack canal and down my legs (at one point I thought I was actually going to pass out from dehydration),  I quickly recovered after a bottle of ice cold water and continued to have a ball - shooting and laughing - later dancing and drinking.

The jumpsuit was fantastic throughout the day - it enabled me to squat (without showing everyone what I had for breakfast), I didn't have to worry about adjusting myself each time I moved and it allowed me great flexibility when walking through paddocks and getting in and out of cars.   It only started to pose a problem after the first 6 beers...

You see, this is when a skirt or dress far outshines the practical (and stylish) jumpsuit!  Going to the toilet, can prove quite the task.  You basically have to completely undress in order to take a quick wizz - ahhhh too much effort!   And in true Karls style, by the wee hours of the morning, I made the dreaded mistake of 'too much piss makes an un-co miss'.  I undid the jumpsuit (for about the 40th time), pulled it down, sat down and started to wee.  There was just one thing missing... the pissssssssss sound (you know, the calming sound of wee wee as it gently makes it way along the porcelain to its final destination - the waterfall effect).  How could that be?  Well, instead of dropping the jumpsuit to my ankles, I'd accidently sat on it and wee'd through the shoulder/back section.  

Anyway... enough of my embarrassing bladder problems (could I tell you a story or two about incontinence)... Here are some pics of the lovely couple (please be kind - as I said before, I'm quite rusty)

Gorgeous Neshy!  What a little hottie!
The lovely couple sharing a kiss - Nesh said she felt a little 'pornoesque' pashing in front of us... Like me, not a big fan of PDA's!

What kind of shoot is complete without a touch of blue steel? And a little Reservoir Dogs action?

This photo pretty much sums them up completely!  They are truly delightful!

This last shot is actually my favourite - not sure why - I think I like the relaxed nature of it.

And now a toast to the happy couple... To love, laughter... and happily ever after!


jprp said...

She looks stunning, and you did an awesome job of the photos, one thing though... pics of this jumpsuit please! (i have a slight jumpsuit obsession at the moment!)

bananas. said...

WELCOME BACK WOMAN!!! sounds like you were spending your time away having some good times with a few bad ones (the pee pee miss).

i know EXACTLY what you mean about jumpsuits. anytime i wear one i feel like a little kid, nekked on the potty. i mean yes i have a bra and undies but still...


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