Thursday, November 26, 2009

New life...

Before you jump to conclusions from this blog title... NO!  I'm not harbouring a developing feotus.  I'm simply refering to the fact that life (and death) are a cycle and from death comes new life.  I'm still coming to terms with Nan not being around - only an hour ago I was in tears after listening to a posting on facebook of a song my Nan used to sing me as a child - You Are My Sunshine. It bought a tear to my eye when she was still around... I loved hearing her sing it.  I guess I'm still a little up and down (as to be expected) but I'm definitely getting through it.

I've just come back from a walk and a quick dip in the ocean... Gorgeous sunny day here today - high 20s, sun is shining, it's warm and humid... the northerly thats been blasting past here the last few days is a real kill joy though!  Down on the beach the council workers are clearing up the debris from the floods (when I say debris, I don't mean leaves and twigs - I mean trees, along with with leaves, twigs, branches - most of the animal carcuses have already been disposed of...thankfully!). 
It's a powerful reminder that life goes on.  Time stops for no man (or woman). One day, a disaster zone, the next a pristine beach once more.

While I was in Vic, I drove through one of the areas devasted by Black Saturday and was strangely comforted by the regeneration of the bushland.. an eerie sight though too!   

It was the day that Nan passed and seeing the cycle of life right in front of my eyes was a very timely reminder that death isn't always the end.

From the dead blackened stalks that stick out of the ground, new life emerges.

The wildlife slowly begins to return and eventually (eventually) the only scars that remain are those in our own minds.  Also helps puts things into perspective really... things can always be a lot worse than they are!

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