Friday, November 27, 2009

Random hit

Yeah... so had an interesting experience on the beach today while walking Billy.  As I mentioned yesterday, there's been a big clean up on the beach after the floods.  Half a dozen council workers have been clearing the debris left on the beach. 

So, I'm walking young Billbo (as I do every day) and Billy notices the big tractor so he runs full pelt up to it - I really need to teach that crazy mutt some road sense.  A little off track, but he has this weird habit of sniffing the lines in the middle of the road as he crosses it (Micko jokes that he gets the line sniffing from us - ahhh but those days are gone now)... He also will run off down the beach sniffing the tyre tracks of any bike or 4wd thats left on the beach.  Andddd... thats how he spotted the tractor. 

Back to the story... I run up after him and he's saying hello (jumping up trying to lick the shit out of you) to one of the council workers. 

Me:  Sorry mate!  He gets a little excited!

Him:  No worries.  He looks pretty fit... (slightly sleazily) so do you.  I've seen you down here a bit.  You must exercise a lot?

Me:  very awkward giggle...  Yeah... well, if I don't he goes a bit mental.  Anyway...  See ya.

Okay.. So let me just say... Firstly, I don't get hit on - pretty much at all!  Secondly, I've not really ever been called 'fit' in these kinds of circumstances.  Thirdly, I would have found it flattering and quite a boost but the guy was as ugly as a hat full of arseholes and missing a few teeth to boot.

On my way back, I see the tractor coming up the beach, so I grab Billy and chuck him on the lead.  The tractor slows, pulls up and the dude jumps out for some more small talk. 

Him:  How far down the beach did you go?

Me: As far as I can go in half an hour then I turn around.

Him: where do you work? 

Me:  At home.

Him:   Nice... Well I guess I'll see you on Monday.

Me:  awkward... Yeah... guess so.

I fucking well hope not!  I'm not real good at giving people the bum steer... don't like to be rude.  Might have a possible beach stalker on my hands.  Perhaps we'll do the rain forest walks next week.

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