Thursday, November 5, 2009

Beef fest

Like I mentioned yesterday, it was Micko and my 3rd wedding anniversary yesterday.  To celebrate, we did something typically not considered a romantic dinner... but totally our style... We went to sSs Steak Barn! 

Had some peanuts (roasted in the shell - I'm not a bar peanut person AT ALL!!!) with a few beers for entree... Followed by beef, beef and more beef for the main. 

Micko got the shank... it's a killer -weighing in at 2.5kilos!  He ate every last mouth full and when we got home, he paid for it bigtime!  Couldn't sleep, couldn't get comfortable (I told him he needed a 'pregnancy pillow' but even that didn't help) - the words 'detox' eventually passed his lips - full on!

I had the steak and ribs on the sizzle plate - which burnt my mouth (no I didn't lick the plate - every time the food touched the plate it would heat up exponentially and I'd forgot, throwing it into my mouth and feeling the buuuurn!) but it was deliciouso!  Thankfully my bowel movements are more than regular, so I could  rid my body of the beef demon before I hit the sack - thus allowing me to get a decent nights sleep and not feel like I needed to pass a small truck through my anus! 

While we were devouring what felt like an entire cow... poor old Billy was left outside (with the light on and the shed open) in the dark - as the electrical storm started to roll in - brave little bambino.  So we bought him home a special treat - Micko's shank bone... Now you might get an idea as to why he was in so much food pain...

That entire thing was covered in beef... and I mean A SHITLOAD of beef!

Next year.. I think we'll do Seafood Fest!  Perhaps on a beach somewhere in Thailand...Think I'll buy my lovely husband a pack of laxo's as an anniversary present!

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Jack said...


There's nothing like a hot beef injection on your anniversary...or so I hear....


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