Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wedded Bliss

Today Micko and I celebrate 3 years since we exhanged vows.  We married on the banks of the Brunswick River, in the exact spot we wrote our vows, not 20 metres from our house.  It was a very relaxed ceremony and an awesome day... although things did not go exactly to plan.

The day before the wedding was glorious... I was running around like a mad woman in the Jeep Wrangler Micko had hired as a wedding present to me for the week.  I finally got home, exhausted and hit the sack.  I  stayed at home with him that night - I'm not one for tradition or superstition.

Around 5am that morning, the heavens opened up and it poured with rain.  Micko got up and hung a few tarps around to try and stop the rain coming in - we had the reception at home, underneath the old Queenslander with lived in.  It was relentless... pissed down all morning and we had to make some last minute changes to the day.

The plan had been to have the ceremony at Torakina (a bit of a park where the river meets the sea) where Micko had popped the question.  Instead, we decided to get every bus'd over to our place, while we waited for a break in the weather (crack out a Jenny Morris tune) and head down the river instead - which was very near our place.

By the time we actually got that break, I think I'd drunk a whole magnum of champas!  My dad came running in saying, 'it's time, lets go!'... Me and Dad jumped in the Jeep and high tailed it to the end of the street before anyone could see me - not sure I was that successful but eh.

Our ceremony went for around 6 minutes... short and sweet!  And contained the phrases:

"I love you more than one of our beer, beer, ciggy, ciggy nights"  - Micko
"I love you more than a late night, drunken toasted cheese and vegemite sanga" - Me

The reception was a rad party... I think we ended up hitting the sack around 4am - when the Cops came around to shut it down!  The following days (which were sunny, warm, glorious days - of course) were filled with barbies and beers and family and friends.  Then we flew off to our honeymoon (now that is a definitely a separate entry all together - unless I've already been there?)... and thankfully, the honeymoon still isn't over!

It's been 3 wonderful years of being married (and I think 6 or 7 as his partner in crime) to an even more wonderful, caring, generous and happy Micko -  He's one helluva man!

Here's a visual representation of that totally awesome, rad, kickarse day!

Me... My beautiful Mum and Dad

Me and my 2 kick arse brothers... Grant & Dale

The speedy 6 minute ceremony

Micko giving me a kiss and his very best zombie eyes.

The Vows

Friends and Family

More of them

A television pash - the fake but truly gross pash

I ain't going out like that....

You know what... I'd happily sign away my next life, the one following that and the one to follow that, if it meant spending more time with my boo-boo sunshine fanta pants!

Here's to the next 50 or so years Tiger - RAAAWWR!


jprp said...

Awwwwww, cutest post ever! I was watching packed to the rafters last night and thought that the only thing I would have changed from our wedding would be writting our own vows... and your vows were exactly what i would of said (well along those lines!!) I'm loving the picture of you both in your little circle of flowers with the rainbow umberellas! awesome post Karls, congratulations to you and your favorite ranga!!

KLaw said...

Happy Anniversary! Your wedding was a Blast!!!

Mayra said...

DUDE! i love your wedding! 6 minutes?! um, why aren't they ALL like that??? and a blue dress? LOVES IT! i was just telling dave that if we get married (OMG scary), i'm not wearing white. nope. what's the point? we both know, i'm no longer virginal. oh and your vowels...awesome! srsly, awesome all around!

Mayra said...

oh and happy 3 yrs of marriage!


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