Thursday, September 17, 2009


Y'all!  So I mentioned Dalos in yesterdays entry, so I thought it only fitting that todays be on Grant - my other favourite brother.

But first things first... Let me introduce you to my spunky brothers... This is me, on my wedding day (I know what you're thinking.... get yourself a bra girlfriend!)  Dale is the one in the blue shirt and Grant is in the vest.  We make a good looking sibling group, eh? 

Grant isn't much younger than I.  There is one point each year, for about 3 months, where we are only 1 year apart.  In terms of personality, we are at opposite ends of the spectrum.  He is quiet, shy and reserved... I, on the other hand, am definitely not.  When we do get together, we always have a great time and some good laughs (so we do share the same sense of humour - I think it must be 'bred' into us).

As a youngster, I was always super jealous of young Grant.  You see, my little bro (actually both of them) was born with a 'gift'.  Well, having said that, I'm not so sure he was born with it...  Grant was relatively accident prone as a kid.  At kindy, he was whacked over the head by another kid with a shovel.  He didn't even realise he was hurt... just waltzed in, with blood pissing down his face, and said to the rather shocked and distressed teacher 'There's a fly on my head that won't leave me alone'.  A trip to the Doc and some xrays later, Grant's head was stitched up good as new.  And we had a permanent reminder - an Xray of Grant's skull with him noticeably grinning from ear to ear!  Then, there was his first day of school.  He was pushed over in the tan bark and a nice big was lodged into his knee... Off to hospital he went again!  

The last 'accident' was the one that proved quite worthwhile.  Grant was playing in a mates backyard on the monkey bars.  He fell, broke his right arm (he was right handed at this time)... Then a couple of week later, bang, there goes the left one.  As luck would have it, his left healed first and he became left handed.  This... is when the serious talent started to appear.

Grant is an artist... no doubt about it!  As a kid he'd do these rad cartoon character of his favourite Richmond players... the old 80s style with the super big head and little body.  He was amazing... you'd not believe he was under 10 when doing this stuff - I'll try to find some examples next time I'm in Melbourne. 

So... Here are some examples of his recent work.. I'm sure you'll agree, the Grantis is one talented little freak!

What can I say... I'm just one member of a truly remarkable and talented family!  Go bro's!

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jprp said...

wow, i wish i had talent like that, some of them look more like photos that paintings, amazing! so interesting to hear that your brothers are quiet and shy, i always pictured everyone in your family being just like you! (man that'd be one loud crazy household!!)and its cute as that your jealousy of him has turned into pride. oh and bonus points for all the blogs your posting!! xx


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