Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Awesome Foursome

Yay!  I'm big kev excited!

Two of my favourite peeps are coming to visit!  My awesome youngest broski and his wonderful wife!

Dale is about 5 years younger than I... Due mainly to this age difference, we'd had a relatively strained relationship when I was in my teens and early 20s.  I was crazy - no doubt about it - and living with your older, crazy sister can be detrimental to your development!

During my late teens and early 20s I was a little wilder than I am these days.  I'd come home drunk as a skunk (these days I stay home drunk as a skunk)... perhaps with a fella or, even worse, with a bunch of mates.  We'd party at my place before we'd head out, on our return or both.  These parties involved loud music, dancing on the kitchen bench and plenty of super loud talking.  Poor old Dale would be trying to sleep and I couldn't have cared less.  The young fella was anywhere between around 12 and 20 whilst all this was going on.  My folks were always away... so my place was open slather.

One such night, when I was 17, I had a bunch of mates round (as usual).  There was probably around 10-15 of us... Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden and the like were blaring out the stezza and we'd all consumed a little more than out quota.  Dale was attempting to sleep - he was 12.  Every now and then he'd pop out and say 'Karls... can you guys be quiet, I'm trying to sleep!'... I'd just blow him off and send him back to bed. 

Each sink in the house had someone spewing in it... In the main bathroom, one of my ex's was lying upside down in the shower with his clothes on, rinsing the spew off... While I tried to push his previous mess down the sink hole in the bath, resulting in me spewing.. and then madly trying to shove that down too.  Both toilets were occupied, the ensuite and the laundry trough - occupied... in fact, the only sink not being utilised was the kitchen - and that's probably only because it was full of dishes.

Once we'd all emptied our stomachs... the fun times continued.  All except for my best mate - she was sitting on the lounge, bucket in hand, hair lovingly pulled on top of her head by one of us to keep it out of the way.  She wasn't in a good way... not a spewer and stayer.

Blissfully unaware and enjoying myself tremendously I missed hearing a knock at the door.  It was the best mates Mum.  Let's just say she wasn't at all happy!  She ripped my mate out of the couch, started shaking her and screaming... 'What's wrong with you?  What have you taken?'  Then the phone rang... It was my Mum, checking in on Dale.  He came out of his room to answer the phone and what a sight he saw!  One of my girls was on the Mum's back, trying to pull her off my mate... Everyone was screaming and shouting and pissed beyond belief! 

Needless to say, when I moved away at 26,  Dale - I can only imagine - would have been more than happy to see the back of me! 

On a trip to Melbourne, I asked Dale if it would be alright for Micko and I to crash at his place after we'd been out with mates in town.  He seemed very reluctant.  He told me he didn't really want me to stay because I would make too much noise and want to party the whole time.  I assured him that I had done some growing up while living in Byron and I promised not to disturb the peace - which I didn't.  But it did come as a surprise to me that he thought like that... Until, on the next trip, I asked my other bro, Grant and got exactly the same reaction!

The best thing I've ever done was move back to Vic for that stint... Although I hated the weather and sometimes felt very isolated, it certainly solidified my relationship with Dale.  He and Micko get on like a house on fire... we all love Kat to death and Dale and I, surprisingly, are the best of mates.  The truth is that Dale and I are very similar in many ways... although fortunately he missed out on the teenage drunken angst stage.  Over the years we've discovered we share our sense of humour, we are both loyal to the death, enjoy a beer and most importantly, we are not only siblings but friends.

So bring on the next few days.. I say!  We'll be having a fun packed time... enjoying each others company!  I'm super keen for beers and banter on the back deck overlooking our rainforest... Plus beach time, barbies, beer and banter...Good food, perhaps a few cocktails, shitloads of laughs, music blaring (possibly throw in some PJ and Soundgarden for old times sake), singing, dancing, some reminicising (much to Dale's disappointment), dinner's out on the town and a good feed for breakfast at the Jaaning Tree.  Could life be any better?

Bring it on bitch!  Bring it on!

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jprp said...

bout time we got a new instalment! sounds like your'e going to have an awesome few days with your bro! my middle sister in particular was very similar, we actually hated each other when we were teens, but now i love her guts, think she like mine too! i mean how could you not?!!! enjoy your reminissing by the sounds of eddie and chris! xx


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