Friday, September 11, 2009

Feeling Flu?

Once again, all has been relatively quiet on the blog front... This is for a couple of reasons:

1. I had a wedding up in Coolum last weekend, took off Thursday arvo and got back, very tired and a little worse for wear, late Sunday.  (I will blog on this once my brain catches up with my arse)

2. Work has been crazy, crazy busy!  I've been flat out like a lizard drinking.

3.  Tuesday night, I worked until around 9ish, then had to call it quits.  My brain started to go a little fuzzy.  I came inside to relax and started to get a chill... it was all down hill from there!

And, the latter, is todays topic...  The dreaded flu!

As I've mentioned in a previous blog, I can't stand being sick.  A cold is like kryptonite to me (mainly because with a cold I can't work).  Usually, you can feel a cold coming on, so therefore, can take precautionary measures to ward it off as much as possible.  With this flu, however, it's smack-bang there!  No word of warning, no precursor, just slam - like you've run straight into a brick wall (and you feel very similar to that).

Tuesday night, after a very looong day of work, I head upstairs, sit down and say to Micko:  "I feel like I'm getting crook... I'm really cold and shivery."   Then BANG, within half an hour, and in the depths of a full fever.  That night, I lay awake almost all of the night - although I was going in and out of conciousness, having very bizarre dreams.  Every half an hour I'd go from freezing, physically shivering, to absolutely drenched in sweat... then back again.  Oh and the pain... the aching, the head ache, the sore throat... ARGH!  

Around 11am, Micko rang asking how I was.  I was still in bed and could not move a muscle - literally.  Billy hadn't been downstairs for a toilet break, he'd not been fed breakfast, I had a mountain of work piling up and was busting for a toilet break myself, but I just could not get out of bed.  Now this is very unlike me!  I've had the flu before and although a mission, have pulled myself together enough to get out of bed to at least go lie on the couch to watch some quality daytime TV.  Micko was very concerned.  He left work immediately to come home and take me to the Doc.

Before I went anywhere, I was in desperate need of a shower... I'm not really sure now why I bothered.  I was so weak, for most of the time I was sitting on the floor (I have done this one or twice before, but usually involved about 30 beers the night before) and I'm not sure I even got around to washing out my conditioner cause when I finally did crawl out, I was still covered in soap suds.  At least I smelt better than a dirty hills hippy in the middle of summer.

Somehow, I managed to sit (although I thought I would pass out at any moment) for an hour while I waited for the Doc - why is it when you feel like utter shit that you are waiting the longest for your 'appointment'?  The Doc asks 'How are you?'... Ummmm.. durh!  I'm here, aren't I?   (and from my previous post on Dr Evil, you'd know I don't go to the Dr unless it's serious)

She takes my temperature... 38.8 (for you seppo's out there, that's 102) - no wonder I felt like shit!  Then she checks my throat, 'Mmm hmm. Infection here'... My ears, 'Mmm Hmm.  Infection here'.. My eyes, my chest... 'Mmmm Hmmmm'.

She makes a few notes, then turns to me and says:

'Okay, so you have flu.  Because you fit, healthy and young and how quickly it come on, I would say it swine flu.  But, we not test anymore because test take 7 day and by then you be better.  When flu first found, most people panic, but now we much relaxed about it.  But you not have contact with any person for minimum 3 day.  Here the script, you fill today.  Drink water!'  

Almost $80 later (not including the $60 to see the Doc - for all of five minutes) and I have a course of Tamiflu and another of antibiotics - for my throat and ear infection.

Good news is... Day 3 is almost up and I'm feeling soooo much better!  The Doc did say that if it were Swine flu it would be a swift kick in the face and gone almost as quickly - which thankfully it has.  The other good news is... I still have my voice!  And I have not a single sign of a head cold!  Woooooot!  You can't imagine what great news that is for someone in my line of work!  Fucking tops!  Besides the fact my brain has been swimming in a fog over the past few days and I've not been able to think straight,  my body has been sweating like a dirty black alsatian one minute and freezing the next, my body has been aching like I've had a 300 kilo man dry rooting me and my throat feels like I swallowed a bottle of bleach after a pack of razors... my voice is unscathed and I can still work!

So at this point... I'm feeling pretty good!  Not sure that I'm quite ready for a beer tonight, but I'm certainly on the mend.  So it would seem... the only thing this dreaded swine flu experience will leave me with, is a crinkled tongue - it kind of waves in and out along the round front part - very odd!  Oh and the realisation, I never want to be crook again!


jprp said...

hope youre feeling better soon Karls ☺

LiLu said...

There is NOTHING worse than being sick in the summer. I'm so sorry!

Karls said...

True dat! Luckily I made a super quick recovery... was drinking Vodka's again by Saturday. Niiice!


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