Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The stars align...

Do you ever have that sense of an impending... something? 

A slight anxiousness, nervousness, sense of anticipation... like something big is lying just around the corner?

Well, welcome to my world!

I've felt this kind of unexplainable pull over the past few months... like a building, bubbling excitement just beneath the surface.  You know that feeling you get when you are organising a big holiday, a move or a new job?  Kind of like that... without any of those things on my agenda. 

It's just a gravitational pull... towards, well, I don't really know!

I guess that's why I went to see the psychic... and this morning I went to see my astrologist.

The frustrating thing is that they both tell me there is some really good stuff about to happen... especially creatively (which is where I'm feeling this pull) but can't give me anymore details than that.  They've even narrowed down the date to where I will be struck down by this inspiration - the 24th April.  Other than that, I'm on my own... damn it!

Patience is a virtue... unfortunately not a virtue I possess much in the way of!

Change is in the air... and it's so thick I can physically feel it. I'm currently in the 10th house of anticipation... with nervous excitement in the North node and a little frustration passing through Myanus.

Just got to keep reminding myself... It's in the stars! 

 No one can get in the way of your destiny... except, of course, yourself.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Date with a pyschic

Right now... in this very moment... I'm content.  I feel together emotionally, spiritually and phsyically. The dark days are over and just a memory.  Today I feel that my journey over the past year has made me stronger - strange concept that vulnerabilty should lead to strength (but it inevitably does).

I've got a lot of good shit coming to me at the moment - perhaps because I'm back to believing I'm worthy of it.  In a week I'll be sunning myself in Thailand with Micko, my little bro and his wonderful wife.  Before which, I'll be at the wedding of one of my favourite peeps... spending time with my best friend in the world (who is roughly 6 months pregnant), her little sis with her brand new little bubba Jack and some other equally rad people that you always (even in the depths of depression when you are convinced no-one could even contemplate liking you) feel comfortable with ('home' friends).

I've been treating myself with massages and facials, had a bowen session and I spent a delicious 3 hours in a day spa - complete with full body exfolliate and mud scrub with one of my newest (and very rad) girlfriends.  Heaven! 

Another treat was Friday's trip to see a pyschic... A strange experience...  Which I will quickly share with you.

As I approached the door, I could see someone sitting with their back to me on a recliner, then a voice spoke out...

"Karly, welcome... Come in."

Bit bizarre... like something out of a movie really.  What was to follow was very strange - and a little bit funny. 

She was a little disorganised, looked not at all what I thought she'd look like, spoke of herself quite a bit, answered her mobile and chatted halfway through the reading... but she had lots of good things to say - so I wasn't about to say 'hey lady, you're on the clock'.

Apparently, I will live on the coast around here... on a big beautiful property.  An older style house, which we will build a new extention on the back of (oblong in shape).  It will have a waterhole or running water on it and the house will feature stained glass windows.  We will settle there.

There is a change in the air, work wise (which I have also been told by my astrologist and another psychic - supposed to happen around April)... I will take 2 trips to the States - the first time I won't find who I am looking for, the second will be a much more successful trip and business will start booming.  I'm also going to be big in London.  This will all start happening in the next 3-6 month and will continue for the next 3 years.

I'll have a boy... very artistic. Followed within 2 years by a girl - straight laced, good swimmer and will meet and marry someone from money.   No real hurry on the kids front - I won't go through menopause until I'm around 57.   Haha!

We will make friends with people who work hard for a couple of months, then take off on holidays together - as a business expense.  I'll also do lots of travel back and forth for work.

Basically... I'm going to have a very blessed life, be happy in my marriage, in my work (which she said I will work very, very hard at) and in general.  Sounds good right?

I know, listening to what a psychic said is almost as interesting as hearing about how someones dream panned out last night.  That is, until the things they've said start coming true - then you're like;
'Damn girl, give me her number!'

But, will it come true? That is the million dollar question. It would be nice...
I will say that she was spot on about some other things that have happened - she described this fuckwit (along with his bitch of a sidekick) down to a tee.  So, it's certainly not out of the question.

One last note;

All you clairvoyants, psychics and mediums out there...
Take the plunge and join the 21st century. 
Cassette is no longer King!


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