Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The stars align...

Do you ever have that sense of an impending... something? 

A slight anxiousness, nervousness, sense of anticipation... like something big is lying just around the corner?

Well, welcome to my world!

I've felt this kind of unexplainable pull over the past few months... like a building, bubbling excitement just beneath the surface.  You know that feeling you get when you are organising a big holiday, a move or a new job?  Kind of like that... without any of those things on my agenda. 

It's just a gravitational pull... towards, well, I don't really know!

I guess that's why I went to see the psychic... and this morning I went to see my astrologist.

The frustrating thing is that they both tell me there is some really good stuff about to happen... especially creatively (which is where I'm feeling this pull) but can't give me anymore details than that.  They've even narrowed down the date to where I will be struck down by this inspiration - the 24th April.  Other than that, I'm on my own... damn it!

Patience is a virtue... unfortunately not a virtue I possess much in the way of!

Change is in the air... and it's so thick I can physically feel it. I'm currently in the 10th house of anticipation... with nervous excitement in the North node and a little frustration passing through Myanus.

Just got to keep reminding myself... It's in the stars! 

 No one can get in the way of your destiny... except, of course, yourself.


Jandy xx said...

ooh did they both mention the 24th? how interesting! (btw, my birthday is the 25th, sounds like maybe youre getting me the most amazing present ever!)

Charis said...

That is fantastic!
Can't wait to see what changes await you...I'm sure they'll be awesome.
Since you have an end date, I'd tell you to rest up - a lot might be happening in a month! ;)


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