Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vaginamite 2.0

You’ve gotta have thought to yourself, ‘What the fuck?’, when you saw the new name of Vegemite ‘Name Me’... the wonderful blend of Australia’s greatest invention and cream cheese.

Had it been a vote scenario, I can only imagine such a shit name could get over the line when one cockhead was particularly ferocious in requesting that their ridiculous amount of facebook ‘friends’... then friends of friends... vote for their option. Even then, no matter how good that friend was, I just can’t see myself actually voting for such a shitty name!

Otherwise, I can’t fathom what kind of an f-wit (or round table of f-wits) would seriously go, ‘Yeah! iSnack 2.0 – great name! One that isn’t (or won’t become) dated at all!’ But it just goes to show what can happen when the decision to name a great Australian product is sent offshore. Apparently, there were (in my opinion) much better suggestions like 2ritemite, Cheddamite and Snackimite... much more suitable and palatable!

Yesterday morning, after Micko and I first saw the ad announcement the night before, I went to make myself a couple of pieces of toast, and was surprised to discover Micko had renamed ‘iSnack 2.0’ himself...


jprp said...

hahahahaah! i nearly wet my pants when i saw the title of this post! thats what they really should have called it!

Karls said...

That's what my family used to call Vegemite... We'd say 'Mum, can I have Vaginamite (or vagina for short)?... It was either that, or Penis Butter.

Alison said...

Good ol vaginamite! I'm lovely that Micko took it upon himself to rename your jar!! Good call!!

Jack said...

iSnack 2.0 makes the Baby Jesus cry.

I tried some. I thought it was Vaguely-mite.

They marketed New Coke.

They failed. History repeating....

Jack said...

P.S Karly, I notice you have not only Vegemite and iShit 2.0. but Promite.

I've never had the pleasure. Talk me through it.

Like Vegemite, but different?

Karls said...

Vaguely-mite is a very fitting name... Not quite powerful enough for me.

Promite? One word... Micko!


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