Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Premature greying

At age 16, I discovered my first grey (actually it was my hairdresser that made the aforementioned discovery and then choose to impart that info onto me - a self concious, innocent, blissfully unaware 16 year old)... it's been a slow and steady decline into premature old age since.

My father was grey in his early 20s... He 'Just for Men'd' it up until he was well into his 30s when his mustache became a dead give away - but that was the 80s way.  I figure it's heredity and as I've had the same amount of years being a natural brunette as I have a natural grey, I've come to deal with the harsh hand I was dealt.  (Please note - don't worry, I realised I've not been dealt a harsh hand, just a lack of melanin production)

These days I look at it this way... If blondes go more than a few weeks without a trip to the hairdresser (or a blonde in a bottle fix in the bathroom) their lovely blonde locks, turn bogany and trashy as the true colour comes through... Well, I'm in a similar situation, yet it's not my 'true colour' that comes through - just my premature old age.

So, tomorrow I'll book in for a hair cut - I've got a wedding this weekend and need a cut badly...  And, as the grey hairs are on the attack and making some serious headway (literally), today I'll defend my youthful glow with my weapon of choice - Loreal 1.0 black - because I'm (totally) worth it!  

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