Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Proposal

Micko and I had been dating for a few years and were seriously considering marriage - a strange feeling - I'd never really thought I would do it. We'd looked at some rings and surprisingly came accross one that Micko liked on, of all places, ebay.

*** I should probably now explain that I have an ebay addiction and have banned myself from purchasing anything for at least 3 months. Some of my recent purchases include a totally rad Rage Against the Machine t-shirt that has the RATM symbol made out of the words of 'Renegades of Funk' - AWESOME! Also, purchased a child safety gate, a little wooden guitar antique brooch, a tea cosy that looks like a knitted owl from the 70s (useless but looked cool), a well overpriced ceramic green bull (I was drunk) and the list goes on and on and on and on! I could almost write an entire installment on 'Useless Ebay Purchases'!)***

So, back to the story at hand! The ring Micko showed me was fucking awesome and I loved it to bits. As Micko is a bit of an Ebay retard I had to put in the bids and we won! We got it for an absolute steal (well I reakon anyway) and were both pretty stoked. The deal we struck, was although I had seen it online, the next time I would see it was when he proposed...... well that didn't work out cause I hounded and hounded him until one night, when we were a bit out of our brains, he caved in and showed me. The ring was then hidden away awaiting resurface on our engagement... which Micko assured me could be at anytime.

One sunny early December morning in 2005 we decided to go snorkelling. This was an activity we both loved to bits and could be seen any fine weekend bobbing up and down along the rocks on the Brunswick River.

So this particular stunning North Coast morning, we had been in the water for a couple of hours and I was starting to prune up and get very cold. I had been picking up rubbish out of the rocks near the park to put in the bin - doing my bit for the community (the drain is just for rain peoples!!!). I told Micko I was getting out cause I was fucking freezing. He said, in a nasally snorkelling mask voice, "Before you get out, come over here and check this out!". Reluctantly I swam over.... He pointed under the water. I chucked my head under and saw a piece of rubbish he was holding... part of which was disintergrating before my eyes with bits floating off here and there. I thought to myself 'So fucking what?'... then slowly my eyes adjusted properly and the piece of rubbish was actually a sign Micko had made up and wrapped in glad wrap. It said "Will you marry me?".

I started to piss myself laughing and almost drowned. As I snorted out a 'HA' the mask filled with water and so did my mouth, lungs, eyes etc. After I'd calmed down a little, he pulled the ring out of his boardshorts, which thankfully he had tied onto the strap where the board comb goes and chucked it on my finger.

We went home laughing our heads off, made a few phone calls and cooked a big fuck off breakfast! The end...

Or just the beginining?


jprp said...

thats possibly the cutest proposal ive ever heard! you two are definately like peas and carrots!

Katies Conundrums said...

hmmmm...i remember those breakfast cookups. Very crispy bacon!


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