Friday, July 10, 2009

Let it all hang out... The benefits of being open.

If I were to describe myself, I'd probably say that I'm a pretty strong character. Micko obviously thinks so too! Last night when he got home from work, he said: 'You must be feeling much better cause your talking heaps! Great! Now I have to put up with your opinions about everything! You are so much quieter and humble when your sick.'

Hmmmmm.... What could he possibly mean by that?

It's a hard thing to do, to see yourself from someone else's perspective. I know my good points and I'm very familiar with my faults. Being an Aussie people are very quick to point these out - can't have someone whose 'up themselves' roaming around - bring her down a couple of pegs. Luckily, I've also developed quite thick skin over the years! I think in my younger years I questioned myself more than I do now and these days most of the time I don't even recognise when someone is 'having a go'... This has to be pointed out to me. I believe people are entitled to their opinions, including what they think of me. Hey man, I've heard it before so take your best shot. I can be an aquired taste... a bit like beer!

Whilst I'm great at keeping other peoples secrets, I'm really quite shit at keeping my own! The following is an example of a secret I did well at keeping:

Micko was feeling a bit lonely after living in Vic for nearly a year and we were both really missing our North Coast buddies. His birthday was coming up so I decided to organise a surprise visit. I booked the tickets a few months before and spread the word that we'd be up for beers and birthday banter. Micko and I were getting a bit over the fickle Victorian weather and decided the places we wanted to settle were a little out of our reach (price wise). We started to consider other places and Nambucca had been a reoccurring theme over the years. We'd been looking at this place, Micko had seen it in person already and wanted me to check it out before we settled. (By the way the ordeal that ensued will totally be another blog) He started to organise a flight up... for his birthday! What could I do? I had to tell him that I'd already booked it as a surprise and that he'd totally ruined it now. I also let it slip that I'd organised a gathering at our favourite pub in honor of his birthday. Bom Bommmm!

I'm the person who shows everyone their wedding dress prior to the day... Who tells everyone the baby names she has picked out... If I'm ever in the 'family way' I won't be finding out the sex of the child cause I'll fucking tell everyone I know! And finally, I'm the person who hears at least once a week 'That was a little too much information'! Truth be told I'm just really shit at keeping my mouth shut! And probably to make me feel a little better, I often refer to myself as the caring sharing type. The more you hide things, the more people pry. If I'm an open book, I think people won't bother pouring over the pages of my life looking for clues. So, when I think about what people don't know about me, there really isn't a lot to tell. For the most part, I'm a happy chappy who likes a good laugh, a few beers and mix it up with a bit of 'shock value' every once in a while.

So, what don't you know about me?

Well, you'd know I'm quite opinionated but unless you'd sat down and discussed the heavy stuff you probably don't know my stance on certain issues. Things I'm very passionate about include: Australians and racism (placed together purposely cause that's generally how I find them - hand in hand), Reconcilliation, Religion and Animal Cruelty. Most other discussions I'm totally open to opinion and will take on board your points and values and could be swayed either way... but on the previous mentioned - no way!

In the past, I've donated 10% of earning to charity - not these days though. I had to stop when I left secure full time work cause I didn't have the funds, but I did sign up for a sponsor child just yesterday and I got the poor little fella that no one had picked.

I have a third nipple... not something most people share and chances are you've not met one of us before. I'll let Wikipedia explain:

'A supernumerary nipple (also known as a trip nip, thirdnipple, triple nipple, thripple, accessory nipple, polythelia or the related condition: polymastia) is an additional nipple occurring in mammals, including humans. Often mistaken for moles, supernumerary nipples are diagnosed at a rate of 1 in 18 humans.'

To prove that I'm not alone here are a couple of celebs with a 'thripple' - Lily Allen and Mark 'Marky Mark' Wahlberg, so I'm obviously in good company! When I first was told by my Mum and Doc I must have been about 14 years old and thought I was a total freak! The Doc said I could have it removed and have plastic surgery, but that 'was pointless unless I was going to be a model and clearly that was not the case'. OUCH! I've only ever met one other person who suffers from 'Trip Nip'. Oh and 'yes' it looks like a nipple... just without the areola.

And finally... I'm a counter and I have a system to most things.  When I shower, I always follow the same routine and never break it... this extends to getting out of the shower.  Before I open the shower door I shake, like a wet dog, each side 10 times.  Then I flap my hair towel in the air 10 times, flick my hair over and back 10 times before I turban it up in the towel.  I then get my body towel and flap that 10 times before drying myself from toe up to back - the face drying happens before the hair flicking.   I will only take things out of the microwave when they have reached a time frame I can break down.  Only at the 15, 30, 45 or minute mark and not in between.  If I'm running, skipping or boxing it has to be to the minute or too the hundred count, if I accidently go over I have to continue until the following minute.  I think I get these obsessive compulsive tendencies from my mother - who still won't walk on a crack in the footpath.

So, have you worked out who I really am yet?  Have you put together the clues and dug deep into my psyche?  If so, you've probably figured out the one secret I did still have - although some may have known it all along....

I'm a total control freak!  


Sam Turnbull said...

other than the third nipple i think i have many of the same traits... although i'm not so fanatical about counting, the only thing i have to do is make sure the tv volume ends in a 0 or a 5... i can't listen to a tv on 24 for example...
oh yeah - happy to see the story about anal warts made it into the blog nice and early! haha

Karls said...

Your not alone on the TV volume front Sammy! A work mate messaged me today and says she can only do volume in 5 level increments too!

Anals warts was always going to rear it's ugly wart head... haha

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