Friday, July 3, 2009

Meeting ''The Micko' - The man, the myth!

Me and Micko on our first official 'date'... D&K's Wedding 2003 - Was going to put a Splendour photo up but they are HIDEOUS!

Back in 2003 a good friend, my brother and I headed up to Byron for a bit of Splendour action. We packed up the car and headed off up the Hume in search of a good time.

I arrived at a friends place in the Byron Hinterland late on the Friday night, after a stopover the night before in Dubbo (man, that place is a shithole). We hit the sack shortly after to recharge for what would be a MASSIVE weekend.

I woke up on the Sat morn and had a quick shower, then I got dressed in my best cords and tee and went to sit on the deck to cool down... I looked hideous! Red blotchy skin and wet long hair stuck to my head... a little like a drowned rat that had a blotchy face. At that very moment in walked "The Micko". This bit sounds like a total wankfest, but it's how I felt so I'm going to write it... The second I laid eyes on the big red I felt at ease. His big smiley face and relaxed air were intriguing and very attractive!

Off to Splendour we went... Saturday was filled with shit hot music, making new friends, taking a shit load of drugs and drinking heavily. All day I wanted to make a pass at Micko but I just didn't have the guts. At one point I hip and shouldered him thinking in my own warped way that it might make him notice me... oh it did! He looked at me like I was a total fucking weirdo!

After a day of drug fueled fun, we all jumped in a Maxi and headed back up to the property. A few slowly headed off to bed, but I stayed up sitting on the balcony talking shit to some of the guys, laughing my head off and chain smoking scoobs. Micko passed on a joint and as we touched fingers I felt a surge of electricity shoot through my body. I headed off to bed and dreamt Micko and I were together and I swear I woke up to hearing him and a mate knocking on my door (he strongly denies this ever happened). My dream felt so real that when I woke up in the morning (a little worse for wear) I was truly unsure if we had fucked or not (we had not).

So Sunday arrives too quickly... Snort a few lines and back down to Belongil we head. Another great day of bonding with new buddies and old, drinking, drugs and plenty of rock and roll. Was totally not a fan of Coldplay, but live, they really blew my mind (might have been the pills talking cause I'm still not a big fan - although a couple of songs still give me a 'shiver'). Another Maxi Taxi ride home and a sing along to Vanilla Ice.

We arrived back at the property have a bit of a bon fire, some fire twirling and other hippie shit like that, with plenty of banter about who put on the best performance... oh and talk of the nude man covered in mud, standing on top of a garbage bin with his arms out stretched like Jesus on the cross. Quite a sight! It was right at the end of Coldplay and it seemed that every single person in the tent turned around at exactly the same time to see this tripper! The coppers quickly put an end to that, crash tackling the poor nude bastard and wrapping him in a garbage bag before hauling is wet and cold arse to the cop shop. Oh and one other dude that had this killer afro... He was a pale white dude with the biggest mousiest brown afro I've ever seen (this dude would become a theme to many music festivals after that - no matter where it was : Meredith, Livid in Brissie, Splendour, Big Day Out) there he was!

So the next day, with very sore heads, Micko had to head off to take his dog (Tyson) camping. I was spewing... I'd spent 2 days wanting to have a crack but just not finding the courage to do so. As he left he gave me a kiss on the cheek and said 'Was really lovely to meet you". And that was that! We packed up the car and started the long trip home the following day.

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