Friday, July 24, 2009

Karlosophies - more pet hates...

And a word of warning... if you're easily offended, tune out now!

Some of these rants are just things I find frustrating and some are more from a personality trait angle. Don't blame me if you find parts of yourself hidden in here. If you're still in my life and you fall within any of these boundaries, you must be pretty fucken special and have some golden qualities that allow me to see past the following...

1. Naysayers... What if? What if? What if? You think I haven't already weighed up the pro's and con's - I'm a list person. Thanks for caring, but go fuck yourself!

2. Don't tell me I can't, or shouldn't, do something... I fucken can and I fucken will! Watch me! If it doesn't work out, it's a lesson learned (but for fucks sake - let ME learn it)

3. People who whinge and moan about their current situation (that is... things that are within their control - job, partner, lifestyle) but refuse to do anything about it. Don't worry... I don't hate you, but if you're unwilling to change your circumstances, don't come whining and moaning to me. I'll be there for you when you're on the other side. And I am certainly more than willing to help you take the neccessary steps... if indeed you want to walk down the path to change.

4. The fucking Government - hands always in our pockets! If they insist on taking their chunk of the profit you made with your own home in Capital Gains Tax... we, as the homeowner, should be able to claim all things purchased that improve the value of our homes. Pricks... always introducing new taxes, but never removing them!

5. Bad customer service... If you can't manage a warm hello or a smile, you're in the wrong industry! Try something where you have little, or no, interaction with the public. If I acknowledge you, have a smile on my dial and I'm not rude to you, at least offer me the same courtesy. And before you say... 'but in customer service you cop heaps of shit, it's hard to be friendly all the time', I say... I've been there and done that and it's all in the job description! Take a leaf out of a hairdressers book! I've not yet come across an unfriendly hairdresser - arsehole hairdresser = no customers.

6. Racists... We are all made of flesh, bone, skin and organs... but racists seem to be missing the most vital of organs - the brain!

7. People who pray on childrens or animals... you sick, weak, cowardly fucks! If you've got issues from your childhood that are affecting the way you behave towards those that are helpless, go sort yourself out! No one deserves to be fucked with, just because you were!

8. Overpackaged groceries and toys! Is it really neccessary to have something inside a bag, then insides a box and wrapped in plastic? Oh and people who take this packaging and put it in whatever bin they like... Fucking recycle!

9. Chauvinist pricks! Men who expect women to do everything... prepare dinner, look after all domestic duties, do the shopping, wake the kids, dress the kids, feed the kids, take them here, there and everywhere... I'd be surprised if they didn't want you to wipe their arse for them. We work, you work, get over yourself you selfish pricks, We're not living in the 19th century!

10. Women who work all day then come home only to deal with these men. For fucks sake... tell them their dinner is waiting for them to make it!

That's about it for now... Plenty more to come!

Ahhhhhhhhh! That feels better! Better out than in, I always say!

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Sam Turnbull said...

i just copied you a made a list of my hates too... sorry! hope you don't add "idea stealers" to your list!


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