Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pet Hates - Religon

So this morning, I'm minding my own business in my own house, when I notice a young lady with an older lady walking door to door on the other side of the street.  She appears to have a book in her hand and then I realise it's not just any book that she's carrying, it's a Bible.  In a panic, I quickly grab my cup of tea, rush downstairs, into the back yard and unlock my office.  I retreat here and hope that they will knock, then wait and discover no one home.   How fucking ridiculous!  It's my house and I'm avoiding a woman whose peddling the greatness of God?  Do I need to put up a 'no door to door salespeople' sign?  But then that would insinuate that these God peddlers where in sales... They aren't, are they?

Sure they are!  They are in the business of selling God and it's big business.  From their point of view they are helping to enrich peoples lives and save them from themselves.  I have to admire their loyalty, but I have no interest in buying.   God is a business I want no part in.  If I wanted to 'believe' I would spend my Sunday mornings at a Church, instead of curled up in bed knocking off a hang over from some 'ungodly' behavior the night before...  And that is my choice.

I guess you can tell by now... I'm not religious.  If not, let me spell it out for you:  I am not R E L I G I O U S!  

I don't believe in organised religion one iota.  What are my beliefs?  Well, I believe that you should treat people with equal respect regardless of background or belief system.  I believe, first and foremost, you need to believe in yourself.  And I believe in forgiveness and acceptance of others.  Aren't some of these the same beliefs as held in most organised religions?

Well, I guess they are... besides of course the believing in yourself first.  However, from my point of view, organised religion is also filled with contradictions!  If there truly is a God it would not discriminate because of your sexual preference, your gender or your belief structure.  It certainly wouldn't knock me back at the gates of heaven because although I'm a good person and would otherwise qualify I'm a non believer.  It would not demand that I get up early on a Sunday to sit in a building built with my own money even though once I get home I have no idea where I'll find the money to pay for the roof over my own head.  And it certainly wouldn't agree with war being waged in its name!

So, if my non beliefs are so strong, why aren't I up there telling these women exactly what I think?  Well, I like to tell myself it's because they are entitled to their beliefs and thankfully we live in a society that allows people to share their opinions and beliefs. I also just plain don't want to offend them, have better things to do with my time (like blogging) plus I don't think I'd have anything gain from the experience.   So, I'll sit and blog away until I'm sure they have left the neighbourhood!  

Having said that, let me ask you this... If I were going door to door to spread the word of no God, do you think I'd get a warm reception?


Dustin said...

Fucking brilliant Karls! I love it. :) I'm with you on this one. Many problems with religion. Think of all the wars and bloodshed started by it. Ugh! You're not alone. I hide when they come knocking on the door too. And I DO have a "No Solicitors" sign. They just ignore it...

Jack said...

Hi Karls,

Keep checking your local DVD place for Bill Maher's "Religulous". Should be available here soon, I hope.

Also, you might wanna check out "The Brights". If you join, you've already made a statement. They don't ask that you do anything else...

I joined...just to add myself as a human being who don't believe no gibberish fairytales.

Having said that, it's been said that trying to form a non-believing group is like herding cats.

We're independent to a fault...


At least I'm skinny said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh, I'm glad you hid from them tooooooo. I felt so lame sitting on my kitchen floor trying lure my dog in but I already told them that I believe in Jesus! TWICE. And yes, I don't think I should have to hide in my own house.

Obviously they didn't get the hint so I'm just not going to speak with them anymore.


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