Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Takin' it eeee-asy

Today I'm having a 'take it easy' day... It's not too often I have one of these as it's not too often I get sick these days. I attribute it to partly being because I'm self employed and don't have a lot of contact with people and air conditioning, not to mention the stress of working for some bastard who doesn't give a shit about you. But also to the fact that I'm pretty fit. Since I've been exercising very regularly I don't pick up things as easily. I hate being sick, almost as much as I hate racism.
Being that I make my living from using my voice, a cold or anything that affects the sound of my voice, is devastating! Often my work is ongoing, so I need to be able to pick up where I left off. Or the client might want to change a paragraph in one of the segments, so I need to be able to match that sound perfectly - or at least match it so that it doesn't sound at all out of place. When you have a snotty nose or a sore throat that is almost impossible to do!
I have a series of 'treatments' I use to ward off the nasty lurgee's that surround me!
One: at the very first sign - a tickle in the throat, a blocked ear or a few sneezes that don't bear the hallmarks of hayfever - I buckle down, start taking some serious vitamins and drink shitloads of water. I also go for a work out and eat lots of vegies and fruit.
Two: if this feels as though it's developing I start drinking the concoction - an infuser tea pot, a chopped up chilli, a smashed clove of garlic, a peeled stick of ginger, the juice of a lemon and some honey (cause without it, this would taste shitter than it already does). I also start on anything the health shop recommends - echinacea and crap like that.
Three: If all else fails, I start taking Cold & Flu tablets and whatever lozenges I can get my hands on... plus I rest and rest.
Usually, if I follow these steps I can either avoid a cold or fluey type thing... or at the very least it comes and goes within a couple of days and I remain relatively unscathed. Right now, I'm in the last phase.
Over the last couple of weekends we've had visitors with kids. I've loved having them around for the most part. Only problem is... when there are kids around I don't get enough sleep - mainly cause I've been drinking heavily during the arvo/nights and the little ones are up at the crack of the sparrows arse generally making a shitload of noise!
Note to self: next time hide the Hungry Hippos game and enforce a no shoes inside on floorboards policy. This problem is so obviously not caused by my drinking!
Fingers crossed this one passes quickly and I'm back into the swing of things tomorrow. But if no, I guess it gives me an excuse not to do any housework and read a good book in bed!

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Dustin said...

Oh! You mentioned "The Remedy!" I still have that mail you sent me with it, and it's printed out too. That shit works! :)


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