Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fitalicious Fitaversary

Around this time of year, I celebrate another year of my quest to be fit (and kind of healthy).  This is the second fitaversary and I'm very proud that I've stuck with it.  Day in, day out, I'm at the gym toiling away to keep myself feeling and looking great (well, better than I used to anyway - don't what I'm talking about... well read this).

So what better what better way to celebrate than to totally embarrass myself with some tragic before photo's - a timely reminder that I am never going to back there... and not because of the way I looked (that wasn't too bad if you put it into perspective - not too mention I've had lots of practice at being able to disguise weight gain in clothes) but solely due to the way I felt.... Uncomfortable, unattractive and all round just flat out shitty.

Me and my best mate 'The Hough' at Oaks Day 2 years ago today - I had been working out at the gym for a couple of weeks at this point and felt really great that day.  I actually haven't looked at these pics in quite sometime and this person feels like a stranger to me.

This was my first outing in Melbs after the move back... catching up with a bunch of old school friends at Clarkey's (pictured) 30th.  Great night, but I did notice I was getting a few 'My God!  She has ballooned since school" looks.  Note:  This is not even 7 months after I got married.  I went from fab to flab in a matter of a few very short months!  Unfortumately, it took much, much longer to get off than it took to pile on!

These days... Not only am I more focused and less stressed, I look and feel a million times better!

What the fuck were the Leyland Bros thinking?  Ayres Rock (as it was called in those days) in the middle of fucking nowhere?  Guess I'd better 'Ask the Leyland Brothers' - old Aussies you'll get that - sing along.

Oh yeah... You know I got the moves... or am I just trying to back one out on the dancefloor?  Either way... get the fuck outta my way!

Crazy faced in Noosa... The one eyebrow raised, super excited look with short hair to boot.  Shame you can't see my pins and the raddest ever satin red high heels I was wearing.

So... Am I proud of myself and my fitalicious achievements?

Fucking Oath!   I'm no super model, but it's never been my ambition... I'm just doing the best I can with what I've been given.

Will I ever go back to miserable Karls?

Not if I can help it... (and if I can't help it, who can? - Nobody!)

If I've told you once, I've told you a million times... A little hard work and a lot of persistence does pay off!

Now... I need a shower something chronic!  You can probably smell me from there!   Love that sweat... until it starts to turn into grease!

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jprp said...

you look so awesome Karls, youre a supermodel in my eyes! well done mate, your inspiration to get off my lazy butt now the weather is warming up!


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