Friday, November 6, 2009

Bill Bailey

Couldn't help but share a few cute as pics of my furry baby...  Saturday arvo, after I'd consumed 2 bottles of champas watching the Spring Racing carnival, I got a little snap happy!

Billy and his first 'big boy' bone!

Everybody loves a front door dog (that wasn't meant to sound rude - but somehow did)

Ahhhhhh... This is why I love him so much!  Look at that lovely happy face! 

Look what Billbo found down the beach... which explains his sandy tears -  is it a finger?  is it a detachable penis?
Nah.. it's not really either - its something that came in the bone bag from the butcher...
hang. on. a. second!!!

1 comment:

bananas. said...

aw your fur baby is adorable. that face...too cute!

as for the bagged bottle...couldn't do it. that doesn't mean i didn't think about it.


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