Friday, November 27, 2009

Friends Friday - the Krabies

As I've been living outside the blogosphere the last couple of Fridays, I've not had the chance to continue with 'Friends Friday'.  Today, I pick up my bat once more (cricket bat of course - the Aussies aren't doing half bad in the test - at this point anyway), and dedicate this Friday to Krabes.

I've mentioned the wonderful Krabes one or twice before... here and here  

Krabes came to the school during VCE (year 11 & 12) and started to hang out with us bushpigs (our groups nickname).  We had a few arty types (me, Burgo and Mands) and shared many a class with her, so it was only natural we'd try to get our hands of the new girl and convert her from classy to dirty scrubber in one fowl swoop.  It worked a treat and Krabes needed little convincing or converting.  She was ours... cue evil laugh.

Krabes moved to Byron a few years out of school and met Dave.  As I've also mentioned before it was via a visit for Splendour that I came to meet Micko - who was Dave's best mate.  When a mate of mine, Mands, and I decided to move up north Krabes was more than happy to take us under her wing and include us as members of her Byron 'family'.

Krabes is one of the most caring, genuine people I know... Always going out of her way to make sure you feel comfortable and happy... She has a real nuturing nature - soft, very earthy and absolutely lovely.  Also a stunning woman to look at - not that she thinks so.

She now has 2 delicious children - Monty and Harvey - and she is an inspirational mother... the kind that makes me think motherhood could be a good move - even for me.  She is relaxed with her children, but she doesn't take shit.  Always seems to be enjoying the experience (a rarity I've found).  She's also the bitch that looks fabulous pregnant, pops them out and miraculously returns to the hot body she had before in no time.

We've had plenty of good times together... and plenty of crazy times!  Many a night spent on her back deck, up until all hours, talking shit, laughing and drinking copius amounts of cider.  We've shared many a good gig at the Northern, stacks of music festivals, our weddings, a few Christmases and New Years (oh my god the New Years) and parties, parties, parties.  But we've also shared our hopes, our dreams, our concerns and our secrets. She is truly one of those friends who will be there through thick and thin for an eternity and I'm very blessed to have her in my life.

Tomorrow, Krabes and her tribe are coming to stay (was going to be tonight but they had an emergency down in Sydney) and I'm really looking forward to having a few ciders on the back deck, reading her little angels a bed time story then kicking back, with the four of us, listening to music and discussing religion, life, love and everything inbetween.   Her visit couldn't have come at a better time!

Oh and here are a few pics I took at their wedding... back in 2003 (I think?)

Down at Broken Head... Nice day for a peach wedding!

I used to love using 3200 speed film... loved the grainyness - this was a few years before I went digital.

Anyone need a tampon commercial still?

Ahhhh... Kisses for the Mrs.

What a smoking hot bitch!

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jprp said...

wanna know something sad... until today and i saw the wedding photos i never clicked who krabes was! i always thought she was someone from byron! hasn't she grown into a beautiful person, not that she wasnt before, but times has certainly been on her side!


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