Thursday, March 18, 2010

A year in the 'Buccs

Yesterday, Micko and I celebrated one year since we moved into our place in Nambucca.  In some respects it has just flown by... and in others, not so much.  It's likely been my loneliest year to date.  I'm a very social person and I feel I'm slowly losing my mind from isolation - well, I exaggerate.  I do miss my mates and family heaps.  Hey!  Year 2 will be much less lonely - fo shiz!  

When the loneliness starts to eat at me... I take a walk and I'm instantly reminded why I'm here.  It's hard to be lonely when you're totally surrounded by beauty!

Micko and I celebrated with dinner at the club.  A nice quiet meal, some meat tray raffles and a couple of Guiness (well, Micko had a couple of Guiness - I'm not a big fan, although I haven't tried it in a loooooong time)

During the day, I'd booked myself in for a facial... went it at 1pm, came out at 4.10pm!  Can you believe it?  It was 3 hours of pure indulgent bliss!  And I totally deserved it!  I'm a big believer in looking after yourself.  No!  No!  I don't mean I eat sunflower seeds, drink only filtered water and live on shit that grows out of the ground - I don't have the discipline.  Plus, my sinking of beer and occassional sly ciggy totally have ruined me from keep my body pure.   What I mean... is taking time out!  Doing something for me... and me alone.  I swear by it! Great for the mind!

Just got back gym... sweaty, stinky and in need of a shower!  I've been a bit of a slack arse this week and only been to the gym once... no running on the beach either!  Tsk!  Tsk!  Billy has an injured shoulder and after another $200 excursion to the Vet, we've been told to rest him for a couple of weeks (easy to say when you're not looking an active Kelpie X in the face!)  I'll be iPod'ing up and running this arvo - minus my furry friend.  Sad really!

Tomorrow, I'll be taking you on a personal hygiene journey... I imagine around 99% will be horrified by what I'm going to lay out on the table.  Intrigued?  You should be!


Smart Ass Sara said...

Uh-oh. I actually am kind of scared. Because you use crazy words. I used "arse" the other day and someone asked me if I had a lisp. :)

MiMi said...

Ooooh! Personal hygiene horrors?? Cuz I love those.

kate said...

it does look like a lovely place to be. i think, one day, i'd like to settle in a small coastal town. i like city living for now but i am pretty sure it won't alwasy be for me. and how good are surf clubs?? love them.

jprp said...

karls, when are we not intrigued by what might come out of your mouth! I don't think I'm gonna sleep tonight in anticipation!! Nambucca is such a beautiful place, everytime the isolation gets you a little down, know that everyday since I left there I've dreamt about it and your awesome life there. Thank god for FB, blogs, mobile phones and ramdom road trips hey!

thanks for my comment, you turned my frown upside down! xx

Christine Vi said...

You live in an absolutely beautiful place!! I'm intrigued by what your story could be about tomorrow!

Alicia said...

amen sister! i'm a firm believer in taking time our for myself! i don't want to end up a frumpy housewife that just lets herself go. and YAY i can't wait to hear tomorrow's story!!!

HeatherLynn said...

Oh, dear lord, what will this hygiene story entail Ms. Karls? I'm breathlessly awaiting your next entry!

Kiss the pooch for me, poor fella, i wish him a quick recovery!


bananas. said...

Wait just a second...a three hour facial? Is that common in australia??? Shit...i really need to get down there.

Happy one year in your beautiful resort-ish home. It truly is gorgeous there!

Tina Lane said...

Sounds like a gorgeous place to live. *jealous*

Stopping by from SITS today.

foxy said...

Gah, so fucking beautiful. I am insanely jealous and totally want to plan a trip to visit you out there.

Amy said...

I have never even heard of a three hour facial! That sounds like heaven!!!

Tracie said...

Beautiful pictures! Blogging is about all the socialization I get. I like it that way. :)

aladdinsane12 said...

a 3 hour facial???? that's amazing. and you're so lucky to live in such beauty. i just have ugly buildings all around me. sounds like you had a fun day- happy 1 yr of living there!

i have an award for you at my blog, too!


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