Monday, March 8, 2010

Da weekend recap

Had a pretty darn uneventul weekend!  Friday night... drank beers and ate Micko's homemade smoked salmon and boccocini pizza - mmm mmmm.  Felt very bored and restless (as did Micko), went to bed with the shits.

Got up... walked on the beach, came home and got stuck into painting the spare room.  Got through the first coat on the 3 walls, finished the tin of paint and opened the 2nd tin to discover it was a completely different shade of white (more like grey really).  This, unfortunately, is not the first time I've had this happen.  The last time I bought paint exactly the same scenario unfolded.  ARRGH!  Had to drive the 50km's to Coffs to have them stand around scratching their heads trying to figure out what went wrong.  Ummmm?  Someone fucked up!  Now get my fucking paint right this time wankers!

Saturday night I got stuck into the Vodka and Red Bull.  In fact, I drank so much Red Bull I almost shat myself - literally (happens more than I'd care to admit - perhaps another blog entry a little further down the track).  Was totally wired and listening to Radio Grunge into the wee hours of this morning (which was my savior throughout the weekend). 

Sunday... got up, walked on the beach, had a lovely swim then came back to get stuck into the feature wall - I'll post some shots tomorrow when we finished it completely.  Who'd have thunk it would take the full day to do just the one fucking wall?  That's what you get when you go a really bright, dark colour and couple it up with a nice light shade of Berkingshire white!  Messy, messy, messy! 

Also been getting uncharacteristically crafty... not sure if I'll post the end results - will likely look embarrassingly povo and cliche. 

And that's the wrap up from the markets.


Smart Ass Sara said...

I'm not even trying to hear about you and your beach. I'm anxiously awaiting spring and then summer...I just want it to be warm. Cold sucks.

Post your crafty bits! ;)

meredith said...

1. i am very jealous of your gorgeous beaches.

2. i would have been PISSED about the paint fiasco and caused an effing scene in the middle of the store. for real. i want to see pics of the end results. c'mon, let's see.

HeatherLynn said...

My weekend was crazy....First I worked friday night....LATE! which up early saturday went to watch MJ get a tattoo....then out for chinese, then off to my step-dad's birthday dinner...then day...went running with Chubs on the first real warm day in forever....then off to a BRIDAL SHOWER...visited cousin rachel's house to see her remodeling job results, then home....then Todd came over and I rearranged my living room! weekend was nuts!

At least I didn't about crap myself! you poor girl! you're bowels are like a character here at your blog...voicing their opinion and distinct characteristics...adding their own personal "flare ups" at will....

you should name them if they are going to be such "characters"...


drollgirl said...

methinks your weekend was a whole lot more exciting (AND PRODUCTIVE) than mine! for reals. :)

foxy said...

HEY! I had vodka and red bull too on Saturday night. Is that what caused my shits on Sunday? Who knew red bull did that!? If only I could get up everyday and walk on the beach... how nice that would be.

I have a little something-something for you at my place, missy!

Amy said...

I loathe painting rooms!!! And the colors? NEVER, EVER come out like the swatch colors!

Pisses me off!!!

Kellyansapansa said...

Isn't it nice to have a nothing weekend occasionally? Ours was pretty non-eventful too for a change.

The Boob Nazi said...

What kind of pizza? I'm confused.

aladdinsane12 said...

ewwwww, how can you drink red bull?? that shit is nasty!

and i like how going for a swim is part of your day. i hate you. i still have snow on the ground. i understand that the seasons are reversed, but i still am angry!

bananas. said...

you've been crafty? i need proof woman!!! you know i love to see before and after pictures.

oh and fyi, my boss's son is in australia right now. i thought of you.


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