Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Karls to the Rescue

Been a bit slack... well, my brain has been a little fried!  I'll likely be a bit here and there this week - got lots of real life shit going on (all good!  all good!)

Did the course over the weekend and learnt soooo much.  There are so many interesting people in this world - at face value you might make assumptions but talking to them people you find they are truly loving, generous, caring people!  Overall, I was quite overwhelmed - similar to when you quit one job to change direction. I was feeling quite apprehensive - questioning whether or not I was capable.

Yesterday morning I got to do my first rescue!  It was a little turtle who was sitting in the middle of the road.  He didn't need rescuing... more just picking up and dropping off, but it was officially my first rescue.  He was a very cute Eastern Long Neck (I used to have one as a pet - Jands has a couple, I think?).

While I was at my coordinators place, she showed me a joey that she is currently fostering.  Oh MY GOD!  It was so fucking adorable!  Didn't have all it's fur yet and lives in a pouch hanging on a stand in her living room.  The mum was likely hit by a car, then when found someone checked in her pouch and *voila* a little pink baby kangaroo orphan.  

I'm thinking I'd like to foster one of these little dudes!  Any macropods actually!  Anyways... back to the co-ordinator...

I spoke to her for a while and get this... The woman works not just one, but two jobs... She is studying to be a Vet Nurse...  Then she volunteers as a full time carer and rescuer (plus she does the training for new members)... On top of that she is an Emergency Service (SES) volunteer... Plus she is a Rural Fire Service volunteer!

Why is it that some people can give so much... and others so little?  Seems to be a great imbalance.  Fuck!  I'm no saint... not at all!  And before this, I've done pretty much zero (donated to charity and have a sponsor child - which I guess is still more than some).  I'm actually not sure why I've never done anything before... perhaps a little scared... maybe too lazy (for sure) or I thought it would take time I'd rather be doing something else with. 

The thing is most volunteer services are in need and every little bit helps.  It doesn't have to involve a shitload of money or time.  And it doesn't have to be left to the woman who already works two jobs, three volunteer services, studies, fosters animals and has a family.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, seriously think about what you can do, however small, to make this world a better place.  Then.... do it!   On a rather selfish note... you'll get back waaaaay more than you put in!

Tomorrow, I'll get off my high horse and bring you our regularly scheduled R rated program.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

You picked up the turtle...good for you...I would have scooched him off the road with my shoe..or a branch.

MiMi said...

OMG, I'm with Lee. I would have swept him off the road, I wouldn't have touched him. Why? I'm a jerk.
But the joey is adorable!!!! Still, wouldn't touch. I'm a big ass about that stuff. I think I did a post on it once. Hell, I'm afraid of cats, so what does that tell ya?

Brown Girl said...

Very good of you to save the turtle, I am in love with animals of all kinds! I try to do my part but sometimes life gets in the way...I'll do better!

The Boob Nazi said...

I want to foster an animal! meh.

aladdinsane12 said...

oh my god a kangaroo in a bag! i want it i want it i want it!

and yeah, i never understand those people who devote their entire lives to volunteering. it's FABULOUS, no doubt, but i could never do it full-time!

jprp said...

aww Karls, youre awesome, youve inspired me to get off my bum and look into some volunteering (do they wave WIRES in vic?) and yup, i do have 2 eastern long necks, Ned and Kelly hahaha, yeah, we're aussie bogans at heart! They're awsome pets, way better than fish, and heaps less work than cats and dogs!

Christine Vi said...

I LOVE turtles! Great job! I think you're right. We can all give something but so many of us (me included) are too lazy to do it or think about doing it and "never get around to it". It's just a matter of getting off your butt and doing it.

It's great to hear you had a fantastic time!

Smart Ass Sara said...

I would save a little turtle. I once had a pet turtle- they are so damn cute.

Ok what the fuck? You people hit kangaroos with your car? Do they hop around everywhere?? Like we hit deer all the time (I haven't thank god..) but they are fast little bastards. If I hit one I would cry. Someone would have to come get me. I swerve for squirrels, yo. :)

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

hi five on your rescue, yo. turtle lovers unite.

Masala Chica said...

Thanks for the thought Karls. I want to do more and there is always an excuse . . . that needs to stop. glad it was so eventful :-)

bananas. said...

the fact that your volunteered at all makes you a kick ass person. still, it amazes me to know there are people like that who give all their time to helping others.

gawd i wish i was that awesome.

drollgirl said...

this is so rad! you are doing good work. i am not. i need to find ways to help out, and something like this would be PERFECT (except i would want to take every little animal home, and my cats + my landlord would all want to kill me)!

Amy said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying this experience! I can completely relate to being a little apprehensive about volunteering. I need to get over that shit and get moving!

Those animals are so freaking cute!!!

WhisperingWriter said...

How cool.

Cute little kangaroo too.

And turtles rock.

jessalyn said...

awwwwwwww i am not the most charitable person in the world, but when it comes to animals and children, i give whatever i can. even if it isn't time, just money- but both kids and animals are just so defenseless...this is such an awesome thing you are doing!!

i have been so busy & a terrible blogger lately, so i hear you on fried brains thing. glad to hear good things are going on!

foxy said...

Good for you all saving the poor baby turtle. Nice job.

You're starting to motivate me... keep it up and it just might work!


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