Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Girlfriends... The Mangina

From left to right... Houghy, Me and Mangina - this was many, many moons ago - perhaps 2000/01?  Mands and I went up to Townsville to visit the Hough... rad time had by all! 

Sometimes your girlfriends are your saving grace.

Some stay with you for your entire life...  Others float in, leave an indelible impression and leave...  You lose touch with a few over the years, then when you do catch up it's like no time has passed... and others leave you with scars, after the painful 'girl break up' wounds heal.

Whatever happens throughout your journey, the best mates are there by your side.  Through messy break ups, moments of weakness, insecurities and any of the other shitty crap that life throws your way. They are there ready to lend an ear and back you up at all costs.  These are the solid bitches that will show up at a last minute 'party' you've tried to organise and drink goon with you until you pass out - it's only the 2 of you cause no other fucker bothered to show - todays blog bitch has appeared at more than her fair share of so called 'parties'.  They're also more than happy to tie your hair back when it's covered in spew - now that's unconditional love! 

Your bitches are the people that help to create a lifetime of good memories... sometimes even kickarse ones!   That's why I love my bitches so much!  To me... it's not money that makes the world go round... it's love, laughter, friendship and my solid mates - better throw a few beers in to create a bit of chaos.

I have countless tales of good times and bad, which I'm sure I'll cover in days to come...  In fact, I'm going to blog about each of these super fine whorearse bitches.  The bitches that make my world go round.

This is one such story...  Of a young girl they called the 'Mangina'  (for obvious reasons).  Mands and my relationship has been rather turbulent (bordering on non existant) over the past few years.  I'm happy to say we are back on track - which is great cause she is one crazy mofo!   FYI: She informed me this morning her 70s bush is no more... might have to call her Skinbox instead.

This story is little of both good and bad... short and sweet for a nice change!

It was many moons ago... I was completely swept away by a surprising hook up.  The brief time we spent together was very intense... and as soon as it was on, it was off.  I think in this particular case, it was harder I think, because he was a good mate of mine... and I'd crossed that line before (with other mates) only to have it blow up in my face. I was reluctant to go down that track if it wasn't going anywhere... and I thought that it was a dead cert. In hindsight, I should have been more cautious - there's always much more to loose when you've loved someone as a friend first.

One of the saddest parts about the whole sitch, was that Valentines was coming up and I'd bought him a gift - a very well thought out gift.  We had plans to spend it together, but a few days before he went totally awol.  He ignored my phone calls and texts and I started to feel like some kind of fucked up stalker.    Turns out he'd gone back to his girlfriend and thought it easier to ignore me, than talk to me.   I was a disheveled mess... not to mention heartbroken.

I'd been speaking to one of my mates, (Mangina) about how confusing the whole scenario was... She knew I was hurting badly.  The amount of bullshit banter I must have put the poor girl through!  Often, when you're going through something like this, your totally oblivious to anything that going on around you.  The convo is purely focused on what your dealing with!

One day, after not hearing from the guy for a over a week, a bunch of flowers arrives at reception... for me!  My hands where shaking wondering who it could be...  A secret admirer (I've never had one - boooo to them), one of my many fans (hahaha) or perhaps him - sending me flowers to apologise for the sudden disappearance?

A group of work mates surrounded me, asking who they were from.  I slowly opened the card to find out. It read:

"We all have an arsehole, no need to pick up more along the way - love Mangina"

The very first second, I felt a little disappointed, angry even (of course, not at Mangine - at the boy).  But this feeling was super quickly replaced by a massive smile and a couple of tears. A sound piece of advice with flowers to boot from a top chick - who could ask for anything more?

Post Script:  The guy I mentioned and I are still very tight... I certainly don't hate him - he's still a very good friend of mine.  He was in a bad place at the time and all is forgiven.  Besides, I'm a big believer of 'you are treated how you allow yourself to be treated'. Don't be a hater.. we were both to blame.  Life is full of these little lessons and I'm a better and stronger person because of it.  No damage done.  The end!


KLaw said...

Girlfriends are the best. She sounds awesome! Nothing like a lady friend to get you through the rough days.

jprp said...

what an awesome line about already having arseholes! love it!


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