Thursday, October 8, 2009

Who loves ya baby

I was looking at Billy, lying on the floor in our bedroom, while I was changing into my gym gear... Then I opened my mouth and out came... 'Who loves ya baby, who really loves ya baby...'

So, you're probably thinking... What the fuck?  What is that song?

Here is a sample for those Debbie Gibson virgins out there...

As you can see... it's quality with a capital Q!

Well, the surprising thing is that I don't think I've heard it since around 1988 but I immediately knew who sang it and most of the words...   It's from her only album (? well the only one I had), Electric Youth.... Featuring such gems as the title track, Electric Youth and Lost in Your Eyes.

This raised an unanswered question for me...   What happens to out of date music?  When even the AM or easy listening stations won't touch it, does it become obsolete?  When they are no longer in print, what happens?  Do albums and artists go to record heaven (or hell)...  Do they disappear into obscurity never to be seen, or heard again (expect by those few who didn't throw them out in utter disgust during their grunge stage)?   I guess, if you're that desperate you could always keep searching ebay until something comes up, but it's kind of missing the point of my rant.

I've plenty of cassettes that are lying in landfill somewhere because I felt they followed me around like a bad smell... not to mention if someone had found them hidden away in the back of my closet, I would have been totally embarrassed and lost any ounce of cred I had!  Some such titles included:  Bros (it was a special Christmas edition that had Silent Night at the end), Banarama, Icehouse, Mel & Kim, Rick Astley, the aforementioned Debbie Gibson...

Then there were gems, that disappeared, never to show their face again!  Kids in the Kitchen (perhaps that should fall in the above category), 1927 (recently got 'Ish' on CD - thanks ebay), and more recently... The Fauves - Future Spa ( I was hunting down a copy for my little bro's wedding but alas, no longer in print - and not on itunes).

Which kind of brings me to my next point (I'm a little scattered today so forgive the to-ing and fro-ing) I'm a hard copy kind of woman... I have downloaded a few albums from itunes, but I like to have the album art and a physical copy - if it's an album I think will be a cracker.  I am kind of hoping that the online music world will open up a few more doors for out of print music... I understand that music is out of print because its no longer selling great volumes... Well, there's nothing to lose having it online then is there?  Only money to make!

Well... that's about all I have time for today.  Billy is looking at me with his 'take me for a walk you arsehole' eyes!  Poor bastard has been sleeping all day waiting for me to finish my shitload of recording and editing... and a little blogging.

I''ll leave you with this piece of closet gold!

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