Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Righting a Wrong

In a moment of weakness I previously admitted to, accidently, killing my two canaries (would be almost 10 years ago now so can be put down to being young and dumb)... Today, I made a step towards evening out the playing field.

A little birdy banged flew into my kitchen window and landed on the table on the deck.  I sprung into action, grabbed a shoe box and an old towel, some water and some bread.  I made sure the little birdy was comfortable - if this was it's last moment on earth, I wanted to make sure he/she was at the very least comfortable.

I left to go to gym, came home and thankfully little birdy had recovered and flew off.

Now, I've just got to help one more bird to bring the universe back into balance...

Man, I'm good!

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