Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sex Gods!

Micko and I were discussing Sarah Silverman... Micko thinks she is a female replica of Dave Grohl... while I don't agree entirely, they do both share an air of sexual charisma.  And it's highly unlikely if either of them were to turn up on my doorstep asking me for sexual relations I'd have the strength to say no.

So here are some random clips of those I find utterly irrestible!

Josh Homme: Mmmmmm! Delicious... love those 'fuck you' eyes!

Dave Grohl: Dopey kind of face (oh yeah I'm a fan)... hair, hair and more hair... great moves... funny guy... kicks arse at guitar and drums... Ahhhhh 'My Hero'

The White Stripes - yeah, I'd go both of them, ménage-à-trois style all the way. He's got so much junk in his trunk (I could tell - in fact we all could tell - kind of hard not to notice) and she is smoking!

Paul Rudd: He's funny... he's adorable... it's love!

Micko: He's a ranga... He cooks me dinner... He looks after me... He laughs at my jokes... He's funny and honest and a total hottie!Oh and he's mine! So suffer in ya jocks!


jprp said...

awww, micko! thats about the coolest blog entry ever!

Ronelle said...

Rudd's kinda cute (whoever he is?!!)... but, (with the exception of Micko of course!), I think I could easily pass on the others. You can have 'em Karly!


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