Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Retro Chic Freak

A few times now, I've mentioned my online shopping obsession - mainly the 2 e's (ebay and etsy).  I love all things retro... and always have!  I'm not really a soft lace and pastels kind of person - personality and otherwise.  I'm attracted to bold, bright things... sometimes shiny (well in the jewellery stakes fo shiz) and good clean design. 

When I was younger my bedroom had a mission brown, orange and lime theme - as did my 21st birthday - 70s style  Complete with fondue plus casseroles served in ramiken dishes.  Mum used to say I was born 20 years too late.

While my bro and wife were in town, we took a trip out to the Bellingen markets (quite possibly my favourite markets - at least on a par with Bangalow), where I picked up a few vintage beauties to add to the wardrobe.  Cheap as chips and mine, mine, mine!  One such find was so tight across my massive cans, that I've left it with my wonderful ma-in-law for some adjusting... mainly tearing open the top to show off some cleavage and adding a few off Jude's rad button collection down one side.  It's Jude's 70th ext weekend and I'm hoping to be able to wear it... It's DAMN hot! The other, shows so much cleavage when I went out for dangs with the girls last weekend, I used a safety pin to maintain a little modesty.  However, if you were to ask my chickadee's, they'd probably say that my modesty was nowhere to be seen - my cans, however, were there for all to see.  Hey, if you got it, flaunt it right! 

Taking a quick sidestep... Before I started to become a total gym junkie, I was a total slack lazy pig.  I did no....thing!  Catch up here!  I dropped a few kegs that year (around 15-20) and somehow my boobs stayed pretty much the same size.  I'm not quite sure how?  I do know, that when things started to slow down in the weightloss stakes, I ran out to buy new bra's - a must have when you're me!  A good bra can make all the difference!  I'm a wake up, bra on, kind of girl... I have to be!

So, I went down to bras n things and they fitted me... I was surprised to learn that although I'd lost more than 2 sizes around the back, I'd gone up one cup size.  Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but cup size, is cup size... regardless of your back strap size?  That was the understanding I was under anyway.  So if that indeed is the case, perhaps some of my arse migrated to the tittie region.

But, I digress... what the fuck was I talking about again?  Oh yeah, right... Retro!  Way to take a totally off track diversion Karls!

What's the attraction to retro mod?  Well, I'm a big fan of art deco and retro contains some of the shapes and clean lines -  in my definition of retro anyway.

Above are just a couple of ebay purchases... The Macrame one does it very little justice!  Looks friggin awesome in my lounge room.

And this my friends was the reason for my recent eban... Micko and I were not in a right state of mind (if you know what I mean - we were fucked up bigtime).  I'd seen this on ebay a few days before and that night showed Micko it.  He thought it was rad, I thought it was rad... An hour later and we'd bid around $120 for it.  I mean, it's totally cool!  But seriously... never bid on anything when you are off your face! 

There are plenty more retro rad stuff lying around my house...  Right now I'm looking for a dining setting to take my breath away.  We have a lovely big outdoor table that we use inside... it's to nice to have it out on the deck without a cover.  When we get out solar rebate, I'm seriously considering putting an awning on the deck, moving the table out and getting some rad to put in its place.  Keep an eye out for me!

In the meantime...

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