Monday, October 26, 2009

The rains are 'ere!

Photo does no justice to the sheer torrents of rain pissing down all day, but meh!

When Micko and I first moved to Nambucca, we'd arrived from dry, dead, drought ridden Victoria with dreams of the heavy rains we'd missed so much.   Sometimes there is nothing better than hearing the rains pitter patter on the rooftop... and you continue to have this romantic view of rain until it's beating solidly on your roof for 24 hours straight and its so loud that no matter how loud you turn up the TV's volume, you still can't hear the bloody thing!  After 3 serious floods in as many months, we were a little over the rain.  Since though, it's not really rained at all! 

Then today... the heavens opened up and turned the hose up to torrential.  Like they say... "It never rains, it pours"... and ain't that the truth! 

And while I'm on the topic of good old sayings... its certainly 'great weather for ducks'...

However, it's shithouse weather for a Voice Over Artist, with a shitload of work to record, in a studio with a tin roof!

1 comment:

jennster said...

AHh!! definitely not good for recording!!! lol.. good luck!!!!! :)


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