Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kip and Nip

Funny thing... had to share!

This morning we were a little hungover from last night beers, ciggies and the quality time spent with Dave Grohl - unfortunately, he wasn't here... but my TV is so friggin big it feels like he was!   Billy came in for a morning cuddle and a bit more sleep - was a late one for the little fella. 

It was pretty warm last night, so Micko slept on top of the doona.  Bill is a real little licker... he loves to lick hands, feet, legs and face.  So while we are showering him with cuddles and pats, he is licking away like a mad man.  Then... he gives Micko's nipple a lick, followed closely by a front tooth nibble.  Ouch!  Glad it wasn't me!  We both cracked up laughing.  I'm not sure whether it was Billy or Micko who felt more violated.

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