Monday, October 19, 2009

Da Weekend

Had a pretty uneventful weekend for a change!  After the last few weekends of catching up with mates in Byron, then the long weekend antics and Judes 70th, it was a nice change.

Friday arvo, Micko had work drinks in Coffs.  I got up super early, drove him in and before picking him up at the pub, did a spot of wedding outfit shopping.  I picked up a really cool black jumpsuit that I'm planning on rocking out with a red sash and a pair of killer red satin heels that are sitting staring and screaming 'wear me!  wear me!' everytime I open the wardrobe.  Unfortunately, nowhere in Nambucca warrants them being strapped on.

So for Satdee, the plan had been to head to Coffs to do some shopping and check out the car market... The new car thing is on the agenda, then off the agenda, then on the agenda.  At this point in time, it's on... again.  But on Saturday it came off the agenda again.  Perhaps this weekend instead!?

Saturday was a productive day cleaning the house thoroughly and Micko did a few odd jobs that we'd been talking about doing for months - the whirly bird hadn't been working properly so the house was heating up and the gutters needed cleaning out.

We took Billy for a long walk on the beach.  Had my first swim in the ocean for what felt like forever... A little exaggerated, but considering I've lived on the coast now for the best part of 7 years and haven't been for a swim in the ocean for over 2 years -its a little crazy!  Now, I should explain myself so I don't look like some kind of weird freak...   After moving to Vic, I just couldn't get into the ocean - it was waaaay to friggen cold for my liking!  I think I'd been spoilt by the mostly warm waters of Byron and Bruns for too long.  See, one of the factors in moving away was the fickle weather.  And I found, when it was warm enough to warrant a dip, the beach is the last place you wanna be!  By that I mean, it's like 40+ and just walking on the sand you're likely to burn the soles of your feet so badly, they peel off - yes, this has happened to me before.   Then when it's warm beach weather, I'm not hot enough to take a plunge (water temp feels fa-reezing!)  Does that straighten it our for ya?

So yeah... the swim was awesome!  I'd forgotten how awesome you feel when you get out and dry off... naturally.  The tightness of your skin, the salty taste when you lick your lips.  One of my favourite feelings!  Glad to have you back!

Billy was soooo good!  He came in momentarily, but is still learning to like being in deep where his little paws can't touch the ground.... Mainly, he's just a lazy bastard and anything that exerts to much energy ain't worth the effort.  So, he sat on the beach, ignoring everyone and everything that past... watching us intently.  Very, very cute! 

We hired a couple of DVD's and had a couple of quiet ones, while I drooled uncontrollably over my only male celeb crush - Paul Rudd (in I Love You Man - enjoyable).  Feel asleep watching the second DVD... Micko was unimpressed cause it was one of my 'lame choices' and he would rather have been sinking piss watching a horror if he'd known I'd be snoozing through it.

On Sunday, we took Billy for another long walk on the beach and in the arvo we tried this new cafe at the headland... We were both quite impressed!  Nambucca has no decent pizza to be found - good sushi, not so good in the pizza stakes.  This new place had been advertising 'gourmet pizza' and I'd wanted to suss it out.  Had the Mezze Plate Pizza and it rocked my socks.. We then stood at the headland and watched the whales frollicking past us. 

A good weekend all round... looking forward to the next one!  Man, I'm one lucky son of a gun! 


bananas. said...

what a lucky little dog. i've always wanted to take the pups to the beach but i fear they will run in the ocean and get swept away...or try to swim and sink to the bottom. haha.

jprp said...

you are one lucky sun of a gun! that weekend sounds like a bloody holiday, not life! watching whales, how awesome! and i can.not.wait to see this hot black jumpsuit! Theres that black and red theme again! I wanna live in nambucca!

oh, and i will be thinking of some blogspiration today, i'll get back to you on that one!

keep it up hot stuff!


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