Friday, October 23, 2009

Pizza Friday

Another Friday night and on the agenda?  Beers and Pizza!

I mentioned I'd had a fabulous gourmet pizza (something Nambucca lacks) last Sunday.  It was the Greek Mezze Plate and it was de-lish-us!  We decided to go back and try it for our first pizza and booze night since our last disasterous experience - cheap and nasty.

Shouldn't have bothered!

DIS-A-POINT-ING!  To the max!

Pizza?  More like thick, disgusting toasted cheese of the open sanga variety (and I don't mean that as my usual crude toasted sandwich joke).  The cheese was so thick, it was impossible to taste anything else.  It was also so soggy I was worried the pizza might fall through the bottom of the box - due to its super oily nature.

Now I don't mind paying good money for a pizza.  I'm also no stranger to expensive pizza - I lived in Byron for years and nothing comes cheap there.  Our favourite pizza place in Bruns was called 'Sticky Fingers' and it was the shit!  Best pizza EVER!

Anyways... We ended up paying $50 for 2 pizzas and we were both very unimpressed!  We could have eaten better at Pizza Hut or Domino's and would have saved ourselves $30 (almost a case of beer or a decent bottle of bubbles).  As we tried to squeeze some beer on top of the disgusting mess floating around in our stomachs... we discussed all that we could have bought with that pineapple we call a $50 note.  A kilo of big, fat, fresh straight from the trawler King Prawns, plus 2 dozen local oysters!  Bummer!  If only, as Cher said in her bondage gear while straddling a canon, you could turn back time.

Unimpressed to say the least!  Micko rang to voice his disappointment (in a nice way of course) but got a friggin answering machine.  To his credit, not theirs, he did leave a message.

My stomach is so heavy and full of cheese I've hardly enough room to fit any beers... but I'll give my best shot!

Have a good weekend!

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1 comment:

bananas. said...! that looks so sinfully good. i'm not one to crave pizza but when it's put in my face, i can't refuse.

thanks for the comment yesterday. i laughed my ass off. i will definitely take your advice, especially the drinking straight out of the bottle part 'cause that's classy :)

have a fabulous weekend! xoxo.


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