Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Cat Vs Dog debate

I'm soooooo not a cat person! 

There are 3 main factors...

1. Allergies... I suffer madly from Hayfever (much better since the move north) they make me sneeze and itch like a bitch.

2. Fear Factor... they are unpredictable and I hate the 'pounce factor'!  Leave my fucking feet alone!  I'm also not a fan of cat scratches.

3. Loyalty... need I say more.  I'm dog all the way!  Cats are like cynical, cold people and I hate both of those traits in people... I don't need to keep company with an animal that looks at me like I'm a fuckwit.

So, when I stumbled upon this blog... I started to feel itchy all over!  Freeeaks!

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I'm now going to cuddle my dog and let him lick my face.

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jprp said...

are you kidding me?!
Dogs smell, dogs hump your leg, dogs slobber on your new pants, dogs jump and put paw prints on your new white top, dogs poo right in front of the front door and you stand in it (thanks for that Sumit and Koa yesterday!). Cats just sleep and eat and give you unconditional love (hmm, dogs do that too i guess!) I am so moving to Japan tomorrow, or maybe I could start one of those cat cafes here in mt ev!


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