Saturday, October 24, 2009

Spring in the 'Bucc's

My back yard is pretty fucking rad!  I remember the first time I came to look at the place - actually the only time pre-purchase (we found the house on the net and it was about 1600k's from where we were living but hey, I'll blog on that later) I felt instantly calm in the backyard... really relaxed!  The visitors we've had have all said the same thing... there really is nothing better than looking out your kitchen and sun room windows to see this:

Spring brings flowering Jacaranda... Grafton actually dedicate a 9 day festival to it and it's beautiful!  The streets are lined with bright purple flowers... lovely!

Right now, our big Jacaranda in the back yard is flowering and it looks sensational!  Unfortunately, it hasn't reached its potential yet... it had a massive climber (and when I say massive I mean this noxious weed had trunk like regular tree) attacking it and we've just pulled it out in the last month.  Next year should be even more amazing!

Now I can't wait for summer beers on the back deck with mates - if I can find some locally that would be even better! 

Random coat hanger for good measure...

And our next project? 

Definitley the pergola!  Needs some serious work! 

Roof needs replacing... need to re-do the fencing... lots of potential, not enough funds... booo!

Oh did you notice the totally rad stairs?  Here is a closer look:

The plain is to do a rad art deco inspired mosaic... along with the built in table inside the pergola.

So much to do, so little time! 

Time to shower... my boobs are uncomfortably sitting around my waist at present.  And I smell like a homeless drunk whose done a marathon! 

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