Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Weekends are for F.U.N!

Billy and his new best friend Zac

Had a really great weekend!  Friday night, Micko and I had a few drinks, he cooked up prawns wrapped in prosciutto on the barbie for me and we watched Foo Fighters... woke up Sat morn, took Billy for a walk then headed into Coffs to do a spot of shopping.  Dropped into my favourite antique shop and picked out a table for the spare room - it's awesome!  Also, bought myself a new watch.  I've been wanting a watch for ages, haven't had one for the past 3 or 4 years.  Still need to work on breaking the 'what time is it' habit.  On the way home we grabbed a couple of DVD's, had a few frozen Cosmo's and some shitty food.

I'm a shit pick when it comes to selecting a great movie!  I always end up with the dodgy one of the bunch.  This time I chose Synecdoche, New York, a Charlie Kaufman film starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  Bit full on for a relaxed Sat night, but I did kind of enjoy it.  Ever since studying film theory at Uni, I hardly ever enjoy watching an art house flick - I think all the 'juxtaposition' talk switched something important in my brain off so I didn't have to listen to wankerspeak anymore.

But I digress... the film was enjoyable and from what I understand, is primarily about interconnectivity.  That we are all the same, we share the same experiences, feel the same emotions and although we are individuals, we kind of morph in and out of one another.  I guess, what I'm trying to say is that the basis of our lives are all the same... We are born, we live, we learn, we die - and during this time, we all feel sadness, loneliness, happiness and love.  There really isn't a great deal that makes you different to anyone else walking around the planet - expect for experience and perspective.  Woah man... that was deep!  After watching it, Micko and I discussed what kind of creative nutbag/total unit you would have to be to come up with the basis for the film.

Sunday we headed up to see some mates, C&V, that live at Arrawarra.  Watched the NRL GF at one of their friends places... Ate like Kings, drank like fish!  C&V have a daughter, Georgia (very cute kid) and a Zac (staffie x black lab).  Billy and Zac are totally best friends now!  Billy was sooooo buggered from playing with Zac from 4 till around midnight, he did nothing but sleep and laze around yesterday - thankfully cause that's all we felt like doing too!

Woke up Monday a little worse for wear...  When I'm a little fragile, I cant. stop. eating!  We made a Hungry Jacks pitstop for a double bacon cheeseburger deluxe meal (oh yeah 60+ grams of fat).  Then I hoed into a bunch of little boys (you know those little footy francs that are all pigs foot and arse)... Followed by some crispy noodle salad (at least I got one vegetable in) and a couple of caramel crunch ice creams... Oh yeah, and I drank about 2 litres of Mountain Dew.  Fuck me!  That sounds seriously disgusting!  I feel dirty!  I feel dirty!  My stomach was actually hurting from not just the quality of the food, but certainly the quantity!  I gotta stop doing that to myself!  Thankfully, it's only part of the nasty hangover territory so doesn't happen all that often.

So, I guess in a nutshell I had a fucken rad long weekend!  But I will be working hard at gym (already did some serious sweating at boxing this morning, I'm about to go for a walk with Bill and I've got Boot Camp tonight)... Now, I just need a week of detox to recover!  Unfortunately, me and detox go together like a hangover and no junk food - never going to happen!

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