Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nice day for... beach running!

I've been pretty slack on the exercise front... well, when I say that you'll probably think I'm exaggerating.  I still walk the dog for an hour each day and get to the gym a couple of times a week. 

For me, coming from a time not so long ago, it seems that I've slowed down substantially.  I used to work out at least once a day (twice most days) plus walk or run my dog for an hour on the beach.  Lately, I've been feeling a little lack lustre.

Today, was a stunning winters day!  And a stark reminder of why we moved here.  20 degrees, gorgeous and sunny... the perfect day for a beach run with Billy!

So, rather than make excuses... I chucked Bill in the car , put on my heart monitor, grabbed a bottle of H2O and headed out the door.

It was sooooooo nice!   I surprised myself... although I've been light on the exercise, I still managed to do it in under an hour - and with only one short break.  TOPS!

Just a snap shot of my piece of paradise... if you are interested, I run from just left of Coronation Park... to the river entrance at Valla.  Need to work out how long it actually is... but I'm thinking perhaps 7k's return?

So, I'll be commiting to getting out and pounding the sand twice a week.  It's truly exhilarating!


jprp said...

your so awesome Karls, make me feel like a lazy slob!

Alicia said...

i need to get back to the gym, but my dang kids just suck the life out of me! and lady, i'm convinced you live in paradise!! i'm coming over!

Smart Ass Sara said...

Oh man....that makes me feel like my little walk/jog around drug dealers, nazi's, and pedophiles sucks. I obviously need to revamp my route..

aladdinsane12 said...

i truly admire you. i cannot run for more than 20 seconds, and i'm not even joking. but i guess if australia is your backdrop, it might be easier!


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