Sunday, July 11, 2010

Studio 54... well, not really Studio 54, but a Studio all the same...

Big things are happening in Karls' wonderful world. 

Great shifts of the mind... vast creativity... action, jackson.

As you know, my new website is up and running and I'm totally stoked with it!  But that's not all that's changing in my little slice of paradise. 

My recording studio, which at present more resembles a dark, dirty, cold dungeon, is about to get a massive makeover!  Finally!!!

I've reluctantly (and embarrassingly) taken some 'before' photos... this is waaaaay more brave than showing you the contents of my handbag, let me tell you! 

My office was some what of a dumping ground - we moved the boxes in and I never really bothered unpacking them - except when I needed something and then I'd throw shit all around the room while I desperately searched for the software CD or piece of hardware I needed and leave everything else exactly where it was.  Naughty! Naughty! 

Seriously... if my house was like this, I'd go insane!  So, why would I let my office look like a bomb had gone off - especially considering I spend most of my days and some of my nights in this space?

I guess, for starters, it kind of reflects where my mind has been of late.  Full of old, useless shit I don't have a need for anymore... so now, I'm ready to take it down the tip and leave it behind forevermore!

Gulp!  Breathe... and publish pics...

Oh Hart!  What a mess!

So dark and dingy!

My big fish... still sitting around waiting to be hung.

The money maker... my current booth.

See!  I'm really putting it all out there... so wrong!

Shit that I put there when we moved in 15 months ago... haven't seen the light of day since!  Including my collection of White Stripes 7"'s.  Very disappointing!  Oh the shame!  Feel like I'm a contender for 'Hoarders' right about now...

How embarrassing!  But, I'm okay with it.  This is reflective of who I was yesterday... and this weekend (and the next... and the next...), the rebuilding and renovating will turn this space into something that is useable... beautiful... creative and totally me! 

Bring it on... bitches!
I'll keep you posted on our progress!


Taryn Rucci said...

Gee you have been busy! Look's great, you certainly have achieved a lot! xxx

Smart Ass Sara said...

Seriously? I am having a panic attack looking at that. Are you on Xanax?! :) LOL!

jprp said...

wow, i dont remember it being quite that sexy! looking forward to the "after" pics.


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