Saturday, January 30, 2010

Celebrity (by association) Chef

Tamasin Day Lewis... sister of Daniel Day Lewis. 

She has a cooking show that has just started airing here... drives me fucking insane!  One of those people you can't stand to watch, but you just can't look away - like a car crash.

Here is a quick snipet...  and make sure you stick with it until she actually starts cooking.

Okay.. so a couple of things!

Woman!  Spend $30 and get yourself a fucking bra!

Tie your fucking hideous mane back!  You're cooking!  Isn't it like cooking 101 that you tie your hair back or wear a net.  Oh and how about a friggin haircut while you're at it!  You could use a total makeover! 

Woah!  Overboard on the exclamation marks or what?  Where has all this anger come from?  

Now you know how much this woman annoys me.  For the record, she also eats waaaay too loudly, the shots are uncomfortably long and she's as ugly as a hat full of arseholes.

One thing I'm dying to know... with a head like that how the fuck did you get a gig on TV?  Is it just because you have a famous brother? 

Perhaps I should get a life... or just ease up a bit.  You know, pull in the agro reigns.  Seems my energy could be better spent... maybe by contacting her agent!

PS.  Sat morning, after 10 beers last night, I still managed to drag my arse out the door and made it to kickboxing... The anger is slowly melting awaay!  I'm back on the wagon (not that I fell off, but I'd lightened up a little... won't do that again.  I've worked waaaay to hard for this (very unperfect) rig of mine.)  I'm back baby!  Look out!


bananas. said...

GAWD! her hair looks like a massive explosion of pubes. SICKK!!! bleh!

and she cooks? that's so wrong. can you imagin finding one of her "pubes" in your food. not cool...not cool at all.

glad you let it with some kickboxing.

happy weekend karls!

Little Ms J said...

I watched the video before I even skimmed down to read your comments and was thinking, "Wow, this chick so needs a bra."

Don't want your boobies falling in your bolognese.

Charis said...

Woooow that food didn't look good at all. At ALL. Ew.

Good for you for kickboxing!

drollgirl said...

so many folks on tv are SO ANNOYING! how DO they get these jobs?!??! just not fair, and just not watchable!!! gah!!!

kickboxing helps rants? i love rants! but punching would be fun, too! and kicking!

hope you have a great weekend!

Queen Belicious said...


She is one of those people you wanna spal and say "you aren't as important as you think you are you wicked woman!"

I saw this epi where she was talking to these mutton breeders, and she was basically correcting them on their mutton knowledge, and rolling her eyes at them! I thought, wow, you really are a tool aren't you.

I thought it was just me.

Mhel said...

She's having a hard time cooking.. Part of the cooking 101 decorum is to tuck your hair.

Happy SITS Sharefest day!!

Tracie said...

That sauce has to be full of her hair the ways she's flipping it around. This is hideous. Yet, like you, I can't stop watching. And she's so intense about the whole thing too.

Amy said...

EwEWWw! You beat me to the punch about her hair! It's the first thing I thought of....actually, what I thought was choaking to death on one of those long hairs if she had me over for dinner! Barf!

Kristin said...

10 beers??? Dude. I'd still be in bed whining. Ah ha ha

Christine Vi said...

She looks like she just woke up and thought that she didn't need to try hard to look good for the camera. I suppose even if she tried hard, it wouldn't have helped. Goodness... I would be afraid to eat her food! Who knows how much of her hair could've flown into that pot!

Debbie said...

She is just a mess! I'm thinking she got that show based on her brother!
Stopped by from SITS.

heart charlie said...

HAHA! your suggestions are hilarious!! She definitely needs to invest in a bra ;)

RN Mama said...

Hahaha! OMG, your comments about her cracked me the hell up!

You went to kick boxing class the morning after having 10 beers? You are my hero.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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