Friday, January 8, 2010

The Honeymoon ain't over...

I've noticed a few holiday blogs scattered throughout blogland.  It's making me fucking jealous as all shit!  Micko and I have been discussing a trip OS this year... not sure where, not sure when, but hopefully we can get our shit together and actually do it.

Working for myself is fantastic... the only downside is that holidays are pretty much non-existant.  I know, I know, I live by the beach in a warm climate and I work from home doing something I love... my life is practically a holiday.  In my day to day life though, there is no off switch.  My work goes where I do... and having said that, the last proper 'switch off' holiday I had was my honeymoon. 

So today, while I'm in this holidaying jealous headspace, I thought I'd share a few pics from my honeymoon (even though it was over 3 years ago).

Micko and I decided we'd head over to Niue.  Where?  Yeah... Niue.  Not heard of it before?  I'm not at all surprised!  It's a tiny little coral atol that sticks out of the Pacific ocean.  It's literally in the middle of nowhere!

And that is zoomed out! 
See! I'm not kidding! From NZ it's around a 3 hour flight and the entire time you see nothing, NOTHING but vast expanses of ocean. There's not a single land mass in sight!

To give you a better idea of it's proximity to something other than Tonga... here is where it lies relative to my part of the world.

Thanks Niue Tourism Office for the image.

Anyways... we spent 2 weeks snorkelling, swimming and scuba diving (Niue has some of the best diving in. the. world!  On a good day visibility is around 80 metres!)

Here is our magical honeymoon in pictures:

Got tragically sunburnt on the first day while snorkelling... had to postpone my scuba dive lessons because I couldn't put my wetsuit on.  PAINFULL!    The aftermath?  Wet towels became my best friend - as did re-runs of 'Love My Way' and 'Outrageous Fortune'.   All I could do for 2 days was stay in the hotel room in the air conditioning and apply layer after layer of Aloe Vera!    Each time I'd venture out into the sun, it felt as though my skin was burning off my body.  Micko was obviously unfazed by my 'world of pain' suffering. 

One of the snorkel spots.  I should say that this Island has pretty much ZERO tourism.  At the time we were there, we were pretty much the only visitors so all the good spots were ours completely.  And they were stunning!          Considering Micko and I got engaged snorkelling, there couldn't have been a more perfect way to spend our honeymoon! 

The food was ATROCIOUS at the hotel we stayed at and waaaay over priced!  (clearly this is not a meal from the hotel - it's fresh and beautiful).      Niue has an abundance of my favourite food - SEAFOOD (not the see food and eat it variety - although!?!).  Yet this is how it was served... Cooked all the way through so it tasted like cardboard and topped with canned asparagus and melted tasty cheese... Gross! The rest of the menu was frozen bullshit - like spring rolls and toasted sangas... nothing fresh.    That was... until we discovered 2 awesome restaurants! Fa La La Fa (above to die for meal was there) and the other was Washaway Cafe - best. burgers. ever! 

Travelling in style!  Well, actually I didn't ever ride this thing... Micko did.  I have an irrational fear of all things motor bike! 

Sunset at Alofi... Niiiiice!  Postcard perfect.

The shelf... As I mentioned before, Niue is a coral atol... which basically means, it's one motherfucking gigantic piece of coral that protrudes out of the ocean like my nipples on a freezing day.

Once past the initial shelf, the ocean drops to hundreds of metres deep.  Don't think you'd catch me going for a swim out there do you? 

Scuba lovers... Awesome, if not the worlds best diving (literally).  Micko's Sis is good friends with the couple that run the dive school over their.

I love diving, Micko not such a fan, so it seems unfair that he has no problems diving, yet I suffer from ear issues - which make diving with me a slow and steady decline.  Boo!  There is nothing better than floating around 10 metres under the water... hearing only the sound of your breath.  Relaxalicious!

We came across a school of dolphins while having some down time.  We also swam with a humpback whale!  So fucking amazing!

Overall, this part of the honeymoon was the bomb.  Sure, it had plenty of low moments... the sunburn, the hotel management (arseholes), the food (until we discovered the gold places to eat), the quietness (both a good and bad thing) and the expense... but it was one of those once in a lifetime experiences! 

From here... we flew into Auckland... but I think I've overloaded you with pics for today!

Damn bitch!  I've made myself totally jealous!  I. WANT. NEED. A. FUCKING. HOLIDAY!

Oh and hey... I must thank you for sharing the things that you fear... You've made me feel so much less like a freak!  OH MY GOD!  I forgot to put on the washing...ARGH!  Looks like I'll be wearing bather bottoms (swimmers, togs, bikini whatever you call them - what do you call them?) tomorrow!


Sharnanigans said...

Never heard of that corally place - but looks beautiful!
Big fan of Love my Way also.

Holly Noelle @ Domestic Dork said...

You made yourself jealous? How about ME?! I didn't even go on a honeymoon! :(

Seriously, that looks fantastic! I envy you! Especially the bit about swimming with dolphins and a humpback!!!!!

WhisperingWriter said...

Now you've made ME want to go on a holiday. Or a vacation, which is what Americans generally call it. Either or for me, I just want to get the crap out of here and RELAX! My husband and I might go to Hawaii for a few days when he gets back from Korea.

Oh, and regarding the note you left on my blog, I don't mind when people have furry babies, they can be quite cute, I just don't need to see the furry baby whenever we go out. Same goes for children, I don't always bring my kids everywhere with me, I know I need adult time with just adults. Granted, it's rare when I can do that so whenever it happens, I'm thrilled and feel the need to document the occasion with the title I'M FREE!

~KS said...

This looks amazing... and I have never, ever heard of it until this post.
Tropical islands are my favorite. And now I need a freakin' holiday too...

Cathy said...

That looks like the best honeymoon ever! Even with the sunburn. Amazing.

P.s. This blog is so friggin cute. I love all the rainbows and happy stuff!

bananas. said...


haha! k so you're so not a bitch but i am jealous. your pictures all look like postcards. i think i mentioned my fear of the ocean so snorkeling for me is a no go. good for you though...seems like you really love it.

well gotta go...i'm booking my flight to...where is that place again? haha.

DesBisoux said...

can't complain cuz i'm finishing 2 weeks of brilliant holiday (though lacking some sleep) but dude!! awesome pictures! i'm looking at the snow outside and i'm a bit jealous of the diving...

JMay said...

This looks grogeous!

My fiance and I are actually looking at Honeymoon places right now.

Cute blog lovely :-)

HeatherLynn said...

Oh, I love, love love the dolphin pictures. I've never been scuba divin....oh, how I think I'd love it!

I did swim with a school of Tuna by accident once...scared the crap outta me! lol

add that to my list of things that scare me...when a school of huge ass tuna swarm you and turn the water around you all dark and was only my second time in the freaked me out a little!

You all sunburned brings back so many memories of my entire LIFE of being burnt! stupid fair skin! ;)

Want to do a home trade for a holiday...I'll go live at your house on the beach...take your kayak out and play with the can come stay at my house, build a snow man or whatever it is people do here in Ohio in winter! ;)

I know you want to! lol


drollgirl said...

lordy, now i wish i was going on a vacation!!!! wah.

Princess Andy said...

one word:


that is all.

<3 andrea (your new bff)

P said...

Never heard of that place although I have heard of the "nearby" islands like Tonga and American Samoa. It must be pretty much right next to the international date line I guess - I'm sure Tonga was one of the first places to celebrate the new millennium. I could be wrong there though?

It looks utterly gorgeous though. I would love to go somewhere like this.

Jenni said...

Amazing. It's -13 degrees here right now (actual temperature). Your pictures have given me hope. Thank you!

Alicia said...

Totally jealous over here!! I would LOVE to take a trip to somewhere tropical and exotic. Shoot, I'll go anyway without my kids and it would be fine with me!those pictures were friggin amazing!

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

How did you pick this place?! Are you a crazy person? tell me up front please thanks.

Kristin said...

You aren't the only one! The hubs and I are dreaming of a tropical vacay sans kiddo. Ah ha ha

pretty*pink*rat said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the orange sunset!

Amy said...

Amazing pics! That sounds like the perfect honeymoon!!!

Also? Love the coral simile! I literally laughed out loud on that one!


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